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17 04 2024 | 09:07

Namibia Sees Final Investment Decision on Oil Find by End 2024

(Bloomberg) -- Namibia will invest a big chunk of any revenue it gets from a potentially massive oil discovery into a sovereign wealth fund, and expects to learn if the find is commercially viable…

16 04 2024 | 18:04

«Climate crisis in the ‘hood’: 5 ιστορίες μαθητών και μαθητριών για την κλιματική κρίση και τις φυσικές καταστροφές στην Ελλάδα»

Η Ελληνική Εταιρία Προστασίας της Φύσης σε συνεργασία με τη Διεύθυνση Δευτεροβάθμιας Εκπαίδευσης Αχαΐας, στο πλαίσιο του διεθνούς θεματικού δικτύου Περιβαλλοντικής Εκπαίδευσης «Νέοι Δημοσιογράφοι για…

16 04 2024 | 08:41

Bloomberg Philanthropies Launches Youth Action Fund to Activate Tens of Thousands of Young People in Driving Climate Solutions in 100 Cities Across the Globe

100 cities will receive funding and technical assistance to spur a groundswell of youth-driven climate activity

16 04 2024 | 08:31

Electric buses will be 'transformative' - council

The Department for Transport has announced £5.7m of funding to support the rollout of electric buses across East Yorkshire. The money, which forms part of the government's Zero Emission Bus…

16 04 2024 | 08:22

Exploding craters and overflowing landfills are unexpected sources of methane

A new methane-monitoring satellite is turning a powerful eye on methane from oil and gas, helping spot rogue emissions. But the scale of the methane challenge goes way beyond fossil fuels.

16 04 2024 | 08:14

The legal battles changing the course of climate change

Governments, fossil fuel firms and airlines are increasingly being met with climate lawsuits. Isabella Kaminski analyses what difference this legal action is making, and how much it is helping fight…

16 04 2024 | 08:10

Colombia drought: Four-minute showers - a parched Bogota rations water

About ten million residents of the Colombian capital Bogota are being forced to ration water amid crippling shortages due to a severe drought. It comes as the El Niño climate phenomenon pushes…

16 04 2024 | 08:00

Texas' skyscrapers are going dark to keep billions of birds safe

About two billion birds fly through Texas in the spring – and lit-up buildings pose a deadly risk. Turning out the lights at night could save countless fatal collisions.

16 04 2024 | 07:48

Cheap coal, cheap workers, Chinese money: Indonesia’s nickel success comes at a price

Standing chest-deep in the Molucca Sea, just outside the billowing smokestacks of the world’s largest nickel industry, Upin adjusts his mask and dives. Members of his people, the Bajau, have been…

16 04 2024 | 07:44

EPA has limited six "forever chemicals" in drinking water – but there are 15,000

Strong new limits for some PFAS compounds in drinking water set by the US Environmental Protection Agency this week are being celebrated for how far they go in reducing exposures to the dangerous…

16 04 2024 | 07:38

World’s biggest economies pumping billions into fossil fuels in poor nations

The world’s biggest economies have continued to finance the expansion of fossil fuels in poor countries to the tune of billions of dollars, despite their commitments on the climate. The G20 group of…

16 04 2024 | 07:33

England could produce 13 times more renewable energy, using less than 3% of land – analysis

England could produce 13 times more renewable energy than it does now, while using less than 3% of its land, analysis has found. Onshore wind and solar projects could provide enough electricity to…

15 04 2024 | 19:15

«Our Oceans» (OOC-9): Ξεκινά αύριο στην Αθήνα η 9η Διεθνής Διάσκεψη για τους Ωκεανούς

Η Ελλάδα, σηματοδοτώντας τη βούλησή της να συμβάλλει ενεργά, στις διεθνείς προκλήσεις της παγκόσμιας κλιματικής κρίσης, να αναλάβει πρωτοβουλίες και να στηρίξει την προστασία των ωκεανών, φιλοξενεί…

15 04 2024 | 16:24

Food security threatened by extreme flooding, farmers warn

Record-breaking rain over the past few months has left fields of crops under water and livestock's health at risk, adding to pressures on food producers. The flooding and extreme weather linked…

15 04 2024 | 15:57

Financing SDGs: deficit has risen from $2500b to $4200b per year, according to the UN

The United Nations has just published its Report on Financing Sustainable Development-2024. 4,200 billion dollars are needed to save the concept of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) between…

15 04 2024 | 14:57

Protesters slam gas group’s use of customers’ money to thwart climate efforts

A group of advocates and Democratic senators gathered in Washington DC on Tuesday to decry utilities’ practice of spending customers’ money to advance a pro-fossil fuel agenda. “Americans are…

15 04 2024 | 14:49

World’s coal power capacity rises despite climate warnings

The world’s coal power capacity grew for the first time since 2019 last year, despite warnings that coal plants need to close at a rate of at least 6% each year to avoid a climate emergency. A…

15 04 2024 | 14:44

UK startup lifts lid on plan to turn human waste into jet fuel

Aircraft could one day take off on fuel made from human waste under plans revealed by Wizz Air and the British sustainable aviation company Firefly to build a commercial refinery in Essex. Firefly,…

15 04 2024 | 14:38

Industry to face "strict tests" for public funding to incentivise green energy, Jim Chalmers says

Tax breaks and subsidies may be offered to industry as part of the government’s yet-to-be-detailed Future Made in Australia plan - but Jim Chalmers says there will be “strict tests” on public funding…