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26 02 2021 | 10:43

Facebook expands mythbusting centre to tackle climate change conspiracies.

Facebook has announced that it is expanding its Climate Science Information Centre, which provides people with information about global warming.

26 02 2021 | 10:40

Africa's fairy circle mystery is finally SOLVED: Strange patches in the grassy desert of Namibia are caused by the same toxic saps used in poison arrows.

Africa's fairy circles in grasslands are formed by a plant that releases a toxic sap into the soil when it dies, a new study reveals. This poisonous sap, which is used by local bushmen to dip the…

26 02 2021 | 10:28

Eight priorities for calculating the social cost of carbon.

Advice to the Biden administration as it seeks to account for mounting losses from storms, wildfires and other climate impacts. One of the first executive orders US President Joe Biden signed in…

26 02 2021 | 10:22

ENEL among the 50 most sustainable companies worldwide in 2020 “seal” business sustainability awards.

Enel was featured in the 2020 SEAL Organizational Impact Award category, representing the 50 most sustainable companies globally Enel

26 02 2021 | 10:13

U.S. energy regulator to examine climate change's threat to power reliability.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. federal energy regulators said on Monday they will examine threats that climate change and extreme weather events pose to the country’s electric reliability in the wake of…

26 02 2021 | 10:09

Could This Root Vegetable Help Alleviate World Hunger and End Soil Erosion?

What thrives in poor soil, can tolerate rising temperatures and is brimming with calories? The cassava – sometimes referred to as "the Rambo root." This plant could potentially help alleviate world…

26 02 2021 | 09:58

How the Texas electricity system produced low-cost power but left residents out in the cold.

Americans often take electricity for granted – until the lights go out. The recent cold wave and storm in Texas have placed considerable focus on the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, or ERCOT,…

26 02 2021 | 09:57

Use of Disinfectants Has Soared, Sparking New Examination of Ingredients.

Disinfectant use has exploded during the coronavirus pandemic as people try to keep their hands and surfaces clean. But one family of cleaning chemicals is receiving scrutiny for potential health…

26 02 2021 | 09:52

US rejoins Paris climate accord with warning: this year’s talks are ‘last, best hope’.

John Kerry made remark as US officially returned to climate agreement on Friday, 107 days after it left under Donald Trump. The US has marked its return to the Paris agreement by urging countries to…

26 02 2021 | 09:47

Lloyds Banking Group on its way to planting 10 million trees by 2030.

Lloyds Banking Group has announced the first 1 million of 10 million trees have been planted across the UK in partnership with the Woodland Trust. As part of its ambition to help finance a green…

26 02 2021 | 09:45

UK Considers Banning Bottom-Trawlers in Marine Protected Areas.

In a possible victory for UK oceans, four key areas of the seabed off England may soon be off-limits to bottom-trawlers.

26 02 2021 | 09:44

Future Jobs: 6 Green Careers Set to Grow in the Next Decade.

From urban farming to sustainable design, young people could be set to enter a new world of work. Why Global Citizens Should Care

26 02 2021 | 09:39

Snow blankets Hawaii volcanoes in stunning satellite image.

It's the second-largest area of snow cover since current records began. A new satellite image has captured the stunning white peaks of two volcanoes on the Big Island in Hawaii, which have…

26 02 2021 | 09:26

EDF announces agreement for battery optimisation with Eelpower.

Eelpower, one of the pioneer investors and operators of large-scale commercial energy storage assets in the UK, have selected EDF as their next trading and optimisation partner. The partnership will…

26 02 2021 | 09:22

Η κυματική και παλιρροϊκή ενέργεια έφτασε τα 60 MW το 2020.

Οι εγκαταστάσεις κυματικής και παλιρροϊκής ενέργειας το 2020 στις αγορές του Ηνωμένου Βασιλείου, της Ισπανίας και της Κίνας έχουν αυξήσει την παγκόσμια αθροιστική ισχύ τους στα 60 MW, σύμφωνα με τα…

26 02 2021 | 09:19

Α.Ζερβός: Ευκαιρία για την Ελλάδα η παραγωγή υδρογόνου στο Αιγαίο με αιολική ενέργεια

Ως μοναδική ευκαιρία για τη χώρα περιέγραψε ο πρόεδρος του διεθνούς δικτύου για τις Ανανεώσιμες Πηγές Ενέργειας REN21, καθηγητής Αρθούρος Ζερβός την προοπτική παραγωγής υδρογόνου στο Αιγαίο από…

26 02 2021 | 09:06

Φοιτητές του ΑΠΘ κατασκευάζουν ένα ηλιακό αερόχημα.

Τον Σεπτέμβριο, η ομάδα ASAT – Aristotle Space & Aeronautics Team του ΑΠΘ στο πλαίσιο του project Αeronautics αποφάσισε να πειραματιστεί ξεκινώντας τον σχεδιασμού του solar UAV. Πρόκειται για ένα…

26 02 2021 | 09:00

Διευρύνεται το δίχτυ προστασίας για τους ευάλωτους καταναλωτές ηλεκτρικού ρεύματος - Τι προβλέπει η νέα ΚΥΑ του ΥΠΕΝ και Υπ. Οικονομικών.

Με Κοινή Απόφαση των Υπουργών Περιβάλλοντος και Ενέργειας και Οικονομικών, Κώστα Σκρέκα και Χρήστου Σταϊκούρα, του Αναπληρωτή Υπουργού Οικονομικών, Θόδωρου Σκυλακάκη και του Υφυπουργού Οικονομικών,…

26 02 2021 | 08:56

Τηλεδιάσκεψη Σκρέκα-Θεσμών για το Ταμείο Ανάκαμψης - Απολιγνιτοποίηση και εκσυγχρονισμός υποδομών ενέργειας στο "τραπέζι".

Τηλεδιάσκεψη με στελέχη της Ευρωπαϊκής Επιτροπής που είναι επιφορτισμένα με την αξιολόγηση των εθνικών σχεδίων τα οποία θα υποβληθούν για χρηματοδότηση από το Ταμείο Ανάκαμψης, είχε ο Υπουργός…

26 02 2021 | 08:53

Ford plans for all cars sold in Europe to be electric by 2030.

US firm to spend $1bn converting plant in Cologne to become its first electric vehicle facility in Europe. Ford has pledged that all of its cars on sale in Europe will be electric by 2030, in the…