India energy storage milestone as battery plant goes live

21 02 2019 | 14:37

ηIndia’s first grid-scale battery energy storage system is now operational.

Officially inaugurated this week, the 10 MW grid-connected system in Delhi is owned by AES and Mitsubishi Corporation. The project is located at a substation in Rohini operated by Tata Power Delhi Distribution and is designed to provide grid stabilization, better peak load management, add system flexibility, enhance reliability and protect critical facilities.

Storage technology company Fluence designed and deployed its fully-integrated Advancion solution at the substation, incorporating its patented software and hardware controls, and also worked as an integrator with Indian suppliers on some of the balance of plant equipment.

All the companies involved in the project hope that it will pave the way for wider adoption of grid-scale energy storage technology across India.

“Tata Power’s collaboration with AES and Mitsubishi is one of the significant milestones in the Indian power sector,” said Praveer Sinha, Managing Director of Tata Power. “Grid-scale energy storage will pave the way for ancillary market services, power quality management, effective renewable integration and peak load management of Indian grids.”

Sanjay Banga, chief executive of Tata Power-DDL said the new project “will address our key challenges in the areas of peak load management, system flexibility, frequency regulation and reliability of the network”.





15 February 2019