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13 04 2021 | 10:36

How green is your 'green' energy tariff?

Suppliers accused of misleading consumers by offering renewable deals that are only green on paper. It’s time to switch to a renewable energy tariff. This is the well-meaning advice given to eco-…

13 04 2021 | 09:58

The dirty secret of so-called 'fossil-fuel free' buildings

The ‘embodied carbon’ in the building of glass and steel blocks makes them anything but green

09 04 2021 | 09:16

What is the Alpha 311 Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

      Alpha 311

07 04 2021 | 11:44

‘Huge potential’ as UK’s first floating windfarm sets power output record.

Access to deeper waters allow turbines to be positioned in areas with more consistent windspeeds, company says. Fifteen miles off the Aberdeenshire coast at Peterhead, five truly enormous wind …

07 04 2021 | 10:05

Your Smart TV May Be Wasting Lots of Energy When 'Off'

While the energy efficiency of America's smart televisions has improved greatly since flat panel models were first introduced, some of the energy savings are at risk due to new "smart wake" features…

07 04 2021 | 09:46

Study reveals plunge in lithium-ion battery costs.

Analysis quantifies a dramatic price drop that parallels similar improvements in solar and wind energy, and shows further steep declines could be possible. The cost of the rechargeable lithium-ion…

07 04 2021 | 09:42

‘Our biggest challenge? Lack of imagination’: the scientists turning the desert green.

In China, scientists have turned vast swathes of arid land into a lush oasis. Now a team of maverick engineers want to do the same to the Sinai

07 04 2021 | 09:04

Millions sign up to anti-food-waste apps to share their unused produce.

With the average UK family throwing out £730 of surplus items a year, eco-conscious consumers have found a hi-tech fix. There is such a thing as a free lunch, it turns out, as long as you don’t mind…

03 04 2021 | 07:39

This Icelandic Startup Is Turning Carbon Dioxide Into Stone.

Carbon emissions are the leading cause forcing the climate crisis today.

03 04 2021 | 07:16

Dead Power Grid Revived with Solar and Wind, Not Diesel.

An unexpected outage in Colorado allowed engineers to test whether renewable energy and batteries can quickly restart an electric grid. A funny thing happened as the U.S. prepared to launch an…

29 03 2021 | 11:06

'Dimming the sun': $100m geoengineering research programme proposed.

All options to fight climate crisis must be explored, says national academy, but critics fear side-effects. The US should establish a multimillion-dollar research programme on solar geoengineering,…

24 03 2021 | 12:44

Scientists Want to Build a Solar-Powered Ark on the Moon to Protect Earth Species.

Scientists at the University of Arizona have proposed a literal conservation moonshot. The plan? A solar-powered ark containing seed, spore, sperm and egg samples from 6.7 million Earth species, to…

22 03 2021 | 09:29

Good vibrations: bladeless turbines could bring wind power to your home.

Skybrators’ generate clean energy without environmental impact of large windfarms, say green pioneers. The giant windfarms that line hills and coastlines are not the only way to harness the power of…

22 03 2021 | 09:28

Charging infrastructure business electrifies Europe.

The public charging infrastructure in Europe continues to grow rapidly - by 35 percent in 2020 compared to the previous year.

18 03 2021 | 10:57

Clean Electricity Needs Different Transmission System.

Historically, vertically integrated utilities, whether publicly or privately owned, invested in transmission lines to connect their large thermal power plants to major load centers.

15 03 2021 | 11:22

There’s a big hidden ecological footprint in going zero carbon – and a solution

If we only keep our eye on the ball of reducing carbon, we will be missing another growing problem that may yet come to haunt us.  Solar photovoltaics, wind power, EVs and batteries… It turns out…

15 03 2021 | 11:09

'It is the question of the century': will tech solve the climate crisis – or make it worse?

Robots on coral reefs, vast barriers to hold back the glaciers, simulated volcanic eruptions to offset global heating ... Can technology repair the mess we have made? Elizabeth Kolbert is not…

15 03 2021 | 10:50

The Science Behind Frozen Wind Turbines – and How to Keep Them Spinning Through the Winter.

Winter is supposed to be the best season for wind power – the winds are stronger, and since air density increases as the temperature drops, more force is pushing on the blades. But winter also comes…

12 03 2021 | 10:12

An NGO is building the world’s first 3D-printed school in Madagascar.

Construction will start later this year, and the concept may expand to other countries. The school was designed by Studio Mortazavi, an architecture firm based in San Francisco and Lisbon, in…

07 03 2021 | 07:20

Volvo says it will make only electric cars by 2030.

Swedish carmaker also says it will sell its vehicles to consumers online only. Volvo plans to sell only electric cars by 2030 in the latest move by a legacy carmaker to abandon fossil fuels that…