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05 06 2020 | 09:24

The Other Fossils in the Boardroom.

The sustainable revolution hasn’t reached the top levels of the biggest U.S. and European banks. The world’s largest banks have issued billions in loans to sustainable businesses and taken some…

05 06 2020 | 08:54

Our Infrastructure Is Being Built for a Climate That’s Already Gone.

Our drain pipes, reservoirs, power lines, roads, sewage systems, and more are all designed based on past climate data. But with the climate crisis comes the uncomfortable realization that the past…

05 06 2020 | 08:54

As we start to rebuild the economy – we owe future generations a clean recovery that delivers for both people and planet.

By joining forces with countries, companies and civil society, from across the world, I know we can make progress faster

05 06 2020 | 08:49

Renewables buck covid-driven energy investment downturn.

Investors keep faith with green technologies as fossil fuel producers experience pandemic downturns, reports Yigal Chazan The recent investment growth enjoyed by the renewable energy sector is…

05 06 2020 | 08:36

Black environmetalists on climate and anti-racism.

This week, with the country convulsed by

05 06 2020 | 08:32

Renewables share overtakes gas generation for first time, as coal falls to record low in 2019.

More electricity was produced from renewable energy sources Australia-wide than gas generation for the first time in 2019, as a surge in wind and solar generation also pushes the share of electricity…

05 06 2020 | 08:15

COVID-19 Intensifies the Urgency to Expand Sustainable Energy Solutions Worldwide.

To meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targets by 2030, countries must safeguard the gains already attained and accelerate efforts to achieve affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern…

05 06 2020 | 08:04

The final farewell: Alan Jones signs off with climate change apology amid plaudits from celebrities.

An odd mix lined up to praise the shock jock on his way out of the studio, including Russell Crowe, Dame Edna and Delta Goodrem

05 06 2020 | 08:00

Covid-19 intensifies need to expand sustainable energy solutions.

NEW DELHI, MAY 28 : Despite accelerated progress over the past decade, the world will fall short of ensuring universal access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy by 2030 unless…

04 06 2020 | 08:16

Is it too late to save the Great Barrier Reef?

This summer, the world’s largest coral reef system, the Great Barrier Reef, suffered the worst mass bleaching outbreak ever witnessed. Graham Readfearn looks at whether people are ready to accept the…

04 06 2020 | 08:04

Have COVID-19 global lockdowns cleared the way for a carbon-free future?

The immediate effect of global lockdowns has given the world a rare glimpse into a carbon-free future. Cleaner skies have been seen for the first time, from Los Angeles to New Delhi, and demonstrate…

04 06 2020 | 08:02

Flooding Disproportionately Harms Black Neighborhoods.

The impacts of floods can exacerbate existing racial and social inequality. When Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas in 2017, the neighborhood that suffered the worst flood damage was a section of…

04 06 2020 | 07:17

The world is facing a sixth mass extinction — and it’s happening much faster than expected

Human activities are driving thousands of species to the brink of extinction. The world is facing its sixth mass extinction — it’s happening now and we are the ones to blame, according to a new…

04 06 2020 | 07:07

Jane Goodall: humanity is finished if it fails to adapt after Covid-19.

Primatologist calls for overhaul of food habits to prevent a future pandemic. Humanity will be “finished” if we fail to drastically change our food systems in response to the coronavirus pandemic…

04 06 2020 | 07:01

NASA scientist Dr. Kate Marvel links ‘climate change’ to ‘white supremacy’ – ‘We’ll never head off climate catastrophe without dismantling white supremacy’ – Calls for climate & racial ‘justice’

Another NASA climate scientist has revealed their charged politics and waded into racially charged linkages between “climate justice” and “racial justice.” and “white supremacy.” NASA’s Dr.

03 06 2020 | 10:39

'The water will come back': why Kenya's struggle against flooding is far from over.

Record-breaking rainfall has devastated communities – and with thousands displaced and more rain predicted the picture is bleak Using a short piece of nylon line with a hook at one end and a long…

03 06 2020 | 10:29

Being black while in nature: 'You’re an endangered species'.

Many black nature-lovers have to employ defense mechanisms – lest a situation turn sticky and they have to answer questions from a suspecting police officer ‘I want to go, to just sit and soak it up…

03 06 2020 | 10:19

Climate justice means justice for black lives.

The work of dismantling white supremacy is critical to building a climate movement that is rooted in justice. As we watch people across North America rise up to confront racist police violence and…

03 06 2020 | 10:11

Climate change is making marine species migrate towards the poles faster than those on land.

Rising temperatures, shifts in precipitation patterns, and changes in vegetations, all direct effects of a warmer world, are changing the range and distribution of many species — they are now forced…

03 06 2020 | 10:01

Australia’s Water Is Vanishing.

Scorched by climate change and drained by industrial farms, the country’s most important river system is nearing collapse.