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18 05 2021 | 07:02

How banking bosses are linked to the world’s dirtiest fossil fuel.

Exclusive: Analysis reveals directors at three of the UK’s five largest banks have ties to the coal industry. Campaigners have called for greater regulation of banks’ carbon-cutting measures as…

18 05 2021 | 06:49

‘They seem to have gone coal mad’: major parties sing as one, but Upper Hunter voters are not so sure

Hotly contested NSW byelection comes amid growing doubts about the economic viability of the industry and the future of the region by Michael McGowan Photography: Isabella Moore

18 05 2021 | 06:36

How Kenya can make decisions on natural gas.

Supply of natural gas by pipeline from Tanzania was a key agenda when President Suluhu Hassan of Tanzania visited Kenya last week. Supply of piped natural gas from Tanzania has been explored before…

15 05 2021 | 13:20

Feeding a City From the World’s Largest Rooftop Greenhouse.

The world's largest rooftop greenhouse is in Montreal, Canada. It measures more than 15,000m2 and produces more than 11,000kg of food per week. The company behind it had to hire 200 new employees…

15 05 2021 | 12:48

It’s inspiring hope and change – but what is the IUCN’s green list?

The red list of species at risk is well-known, but the list for protected sites is quietly helping to ‘paint the planet green’ The age of extinction is supported by

15 05 2021 | 12:33

The Role of Oil & Gas in Africa Energy Supply.

The Role of Oil & Gas in Africa Energy Supply Africa has 15 per cent of the world’s population but consumes only 3 per cent of its energy while it produces 12 per cent of the world’s energy.…

15 05 2021 | 12:28

Sizewell C nuclear power station could ‘suck up over 500 million fish’ and harm species including otters and rare natterjack toads, campaigners warn.

Impact on environment will be ‘national disgrace’, says co-founder of Greenpeace UK. More than 500 million fish could be sucked out of the sea and into the vast cooling system of the proposed …

15 05 2021 | 12:20

How to spot the difference between a real climate policy and greenwashing guff

Unless actions by governments and corporations cut emissions in the here and now, a dose of scepticism is in order. So it’s goodbye climate deniers, hello – and you’ll pardon me for being blunt here…

15 05 2021 | 12:10

The Greenwashing Files: Fossil Fuel Giants Accused of ‘Deceptive’ Advertising.

Fossil fuel companies could face legal challenges over their misleading advertising, after a DeSmog investigation uncovered the extent of their "greenwashing." Environmental lawyers ClientEarth have…

14 05 2021 | 11:57

UN confirms military forces blocking aid in Ethiopia's Tigray region following CNN investigation

(CNN)The United Nations has confirmed that military forces are impeding humanitarian access to parts of Ethiopia's war-torn Tigray region, after an exclusive CNN investigation revealed that Eritrean…

14 05 2021 | 09:48

As the Climate Warms, Could the U.S. Face Another Dust Bowl?

Improved agricultural practices and widespread irrigation may stave off another agricultural calamity in the Great Plains. But scientists are now warning that two inescapable realities — rising…

13 05 2021 | 07:23

We can’t stop rising sea levels, but we still have a chance to slow them down.

Despite pandemic-enforced isolation, scientists from around the world have produced a vital climate change forecast.

13 05 2021 | 07:12

Corporate climate action: through a glass, darkly.

With the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow less than 200 days away, countries accounting for more than two-thirds of global GDP have now committed to net-zero emissions by the middle of the century.…

13 05 2021 | 07:08

Targets like ‘net-zero’ won’t solve the climate crisis on their own.

There are ambitious new goals in the US and UK. But governments also need to decarbonise the economy and rethink how it’s planned.

13 05 2021 | 07:06

‘Decades ahead of his time’: history catches up with visionary Jimmy Carter

A new film rejects the popular narrative and recasts the former president, 96, as hugely prescient thinker, particularly on climate change When I reach Jimmy Carter’s grandson by Zoom, he answers…

13 05 2021 | 07:00

Climate crisis: our children face wars over food and water, EU deputy warns

Exclusive: Frans Timmermans says older people need to make sacrifices to protect the future Older people will have to make sacrifices in the fight against climate change or today’s children will…

13 05 2021 | 06:53

Ugandan Farmers Whose Land Will Soon Become a Crude Oil Pipeline Pathway Lose Years of Livelihood.

After years of uncertainty, communities are demanding proper compensation from major oil companies who will soon begin construction of a major pipeline through their land.

13 05 2021 | 06:41

We’ve had information campaigns on Brexit and Covid. What about the climate?

In the runup to Cop26, public knowledge about the crisis is shallow, with few understanding the scale of the threat. One of the key lessons of the Covid-19 pandemic is that strong policies require…

13 05 2021 | 06:36

Scientists OK plan to release one million tonnes of waste water from Fukushima.

Neighbouring nations have denounced Japan’s plan to release water used to cool the nuclear plant's melted reactors into the sea, but researchers say the dangers are low. Japan’s proposal to…

13 05 2021 | 06:33

Study of nearly every glacier on Earth shows ice loss is speeding up.

Earth's glaciers are shrinking, and in the past 20 years, the rate of shrinkage has steadily sped up, according to a new study of nearly every glacier on the planet.