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06 06 2020 | 09:24

State of emergency: 20,000 tonnes of diesel spill into Arctic river – video

Twenty thousand tonnes of diesel fuel spilled into a river inside the Arctic Circle forcing Vladimir Putin to order a state of emergency. The spill occurred when a fuel reservoir at a power plant…

02 06 2020 | 08:57

New Report Details How G20 Nations Spend $77 Billion a Year to Finance Fossil Fuels.

Even after the world's largest economies adopted the landmark Paris agreement to tackle the climate crisis in late 2015, governments continued to pour $77 billion a year in public finance into…

31 05 2020 | 07:15

Birds Are Eating Hundreds of Plastic Bits Daily, New Studies Find.

The gruesome images of whales and deer dying after mistaking plastic for food has helped put into perspective just how severe the plastic waste crisis is. Now, a new study finds that it is not just…

31 05 2020 | 07:12

The Recycling Dilemma: Good Plastic, Bad plastic?

When it comes to recycling and recyclability, very little, it seems is straightforward — even something as seemingly simple as orange juice can present a conundrum. In Germany, many smaller shops…

31 05 2020 | 07:12

Japan Must Not Support Vung Ang 2 Coal Power Plant in Vietnam

127 Organizations from More Than 40 Countries and Regions Sign Petition to Japanese Public and Private Sectors

31 05 2020 | 07:04

Rio Tinto blasts 46,000-year-old Aboriginal site to expand iron ore mine.

Mining company was given permission to blast Juukan Gorge cave, which provided a 4,000-year-old genetic link to present-day traditional owners A sacred site in Western Australia that showed 46,000…

28 05 2020 | 08:34

Alberta Energy Minister Calls Pandemic ‘a Great Time’ to Build Pipelines Due to Protest Restrictions.

Anti-pipeline protests work. That's the implication behind comments made by Alberta Energy Minister Sonya Savage Friday on how coronavirus social distancing requirements could ease the construction…

28 05 2020 | 08:19

Ocean Microplastics Are Drastically Underestimated, New Research Suggests.

New research suggests there may be far more microplastics in the ocean than initially estimated. Microplastics, which breakdown into miniscule pieces of plastic are notoriously tricky to catch.…

25 05 2020 | 10:21

A proposed mine in Alaska will endanger brown bears – and much more.

The world’s most productive salmon fishery and a stronghold for the state’s bears are under threat from an open-pit gold and copper mine. Towering over the average human and weighing as much as a…

25 05 2020 | 07:52

Fossil fuel industry applauds Coalition climate measures that support carbon capture and storage.

Environmentalists say the Morrison government is directing emissions reduction funding to polluting companies. Fossil fuel industry groups and companies have applauded new climate change measures…

21 05 2020 | 11:36

States Sue Trump EPA for Suspending Environmental Regulations During Pandemic.

On Wednesday, nine states sued the Trump administration over the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) decision to temporarily relax various environmental regulations during the coronavirus…

18 05 2020 | 12:50

'Ozone Friendly' Chemicals Are Polluting the Environment.

The Montreal Protocol of 1987 committed nations around the world to stop using the chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) that created a hole in the ozone layer.

18 05 2020 | 12:42

Corona crisis: making space for a greener economy.

As nations emerge from lockdown, Josef Aschbacher, Director of Earth Observation Programmes at the European Space Agency, discusses why government should link climate change measures to efforts aimed…

18 05 2020 | 12:08

UK takeaway food waste rises during coronavirus lockdown.

Survey shows food waste generated has risen from £111 to £148 per restaurant per week. Food waste generated by UK restaurants dishing up takeaways during the lockdown has risen as a result of…

15 05 2020 | 06:56

How is the Covid-19 energy slump affecting the weather?

Global emissions are expected to be 8% lower this year but the long-term impact is unclear.

11 05 2020 | 07:03

Chinese coal projects continue as existing power plants stand idle.

Cancellation of huge BRI coal plant highlights overcapacity risk in Pakistan and Bangladesh The 6.6 gigawatt Hamrawein coal power proposal in Egypt has been shelved because of over-capacity concerns…

07 05 2020 | 07:57

Airlines and oil giants are on the brink. No government should offer them a lifeline.

This crisis is a chance to rebuild our economy for the good of humanity. Let’s bail out the living world, not its destroyers Do Not Resuscitate. This tag should be attached to the oil, airline and…

07 05 2020 | 07:48

Why Nigeria needs to manage electronic waste better.

In most of Nigeria’s cities, there are visible piles of refuse that have built up on roads, river banks and swampy land. These waste dumps smell bad and are breeding grounds for germs that cause…

07 05 2020 | 07:22

Will coronavirus reduce emissions long term?

This research, published by MSCI, looks at how emissions will be affected by the coronavirus pandemic.