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07 04 2021 | 16:40

Greece officially closes four lignite-powered plants with 1,200MW of capacity

Four of the country’s most polluting power production plants are being formally shut down as Greece phases out the use of brown coal, or lignite, in line with European Union environmental protection…

07 04 2021 | 10:31

The impact of COVID-19 pandemic in Mediterranean urban air pollution and mobility

  A very recent original research article of Renewable & Sustainable Energy Lab (#ReSEL) is now published in “Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects”(Taylor…

07 04 2021 | 10:30

Trump's Scottish golf course trashed the environment and locals fear his new one will do even more damage

Before he became president, Donald Trump was best known in Scotland as the man who pushed through the construction of a hugely controversial golf course in the face of fierce opposition from locals…

06 04 2021 | 14:27

Fossil Fuel Companies Are Job Killers.

New analysis shows the number of workers required per project will soon fall by 20 to 30 percent, even without a transition to renewables.

05 04 2021 | 10:52

Bank Lending to Fossil Fuel Companies Increased After Paris Agreement

The world's biggest banks gave fossil fuel companies $3.8 trillion in financing in the years following the Paris agreement, according to a new report.

04 04 2021 | 08:35

Diversify or risk unrest, oil producers warned in report.

As world shifts to green energy, Iraq and Nigeria among those vulnerable to ‘wave of instability’. Oil-dependent countries that are not preparing to adapt to the global shift away from fossil fuels…

04 04 2021 | 08:19

What is the future of nuclear power?

This is the question Energy Monitor has tried to answer over the past week, with a series of in-depth articles to mark the tenth anniversary of the Fukushima Daiichi disaster in Japan. Here is our…

03 04 2021 | 07:27

Plastic particles pass from mothers into foetuses, rat study shows.

Nanoparticles found in foetal brains and hearts, but impact on human health is as yet unknown. Tiny plastic particles in the lungs of pregnant rats pass rapidly into the hearts, brains and other…

03 04 2021 | 07:19

Shanna Swan: 'Most couples may have to use assisted reproduction by 2045'

The professor of environmental medicine explains how chemicals in plastics are causing our fertility to decline – and what we can do about it

03 04 2021 | 07:03

Ocean trawling doesn’t just destroy ecosystems. It also releases massive emissions.

Maybe just... stop doing it? Ocean trawling, a fishing method that involves dragging heavy nets across the seafloor to catch seafood, generates as much carbon as the entire aviation industry, a new…

01 04 2021 | 12:33

GREENPEACE AFRICA: You are being force-fed plastic by wealthy countries

Tell the world's top polluters to #BreakFreeFromPlas

01 04 2021 | 11:44

China’s Dirty Recovery Will Make Curbing Climate Change Tougher.

China’s economy roared back from the pandemic on a plume of greenhouse gas emissions, raising questions over how the nation will balance new growth targets with its climate change goals. Carbon…

01 04 2021 | 11:07

Hold firms responsible for their role in climate crisis, says top British investor

Sir Chris Hohn spoke of the ‘injustice’ of the climate crisis and urged businesses and banks to do more. The British billionaire Sir Chris Hohn has called on companies to be held more accountable…

01 04 2021 | 09:49

Road pollution affects 94% of Great Britain, study finds.

Exclusive: Roads make up 1% of the country but the pollution produced may harm wildlife everywhere. Pollution from roads affects virtually every part of Great Britain, with 94% of land having some…

01 04 2021 | 09:47

Russia, Turkey collaborate on nuclear reactor construction project.

ISTANBUL (AP) — The presidents of Turkey and Russia remotely inaugurated the construction of a third nuclear reactor at the Akkuyu power plant in southern Turkey Wednesday, vowing to continue their…

01 04 2021 | 09:41

Coal project financing totals $1T globally despite Paris, zero-carbon pledges, report says

Many utilities and nations around the developed world may be announcing accelerated moves away from coal-fired power projects, but a new report indicates that financing support for this resource is…

01 04 2021 | 09:40

AI reveals 1,000 'dark discharges' of untreated sewage in England.

Paper says machine learning could prove crucial tool in efforts to improve quality of country’s rivers. Nearly 1,000 “dark discharges” of untreated sewage from two water company treatment plants in…

29 03 2021 | 11:40

Plastic particles pass from mothers into foetuses, rat study shows

Nanoparticles found in foetal brains and hearts, but impact on human health is as yet unknown. Tiny plastic particles in the lungs of pregnant rats pass rapidly into the hearts, brains and other…

29 03 2021 | 10:21

Major climate polluters accused of greenwashing with sports sponsorship.

Report reveals more than 250 deals between high-carbon industries and leading sports teams. Polluting industries are pouring hundreds of millions of pounds into sports sponsorship in an attempt to “…

29 03 2021 | 09:54

BP board wants shareholders to vote against Paris Agreement climate resolution.

LONDON (Bloomberg) --BP’s board urged shareholders to reject a climate resolution filed by Dutch activist investor Follow This, despite pledging to work with the group last year to draft such a…