Africa looks on in frustration as COP 25 opens in Madrid.

05 12 2019 | 07:48

Punctuating the climate change summit in Madrid, heavy rains continue to pound east and central Africa causing deadly flooding and landslides.

Activists fear the  conference known as COP25 will proceed more talks followed by delay and prevarication.

The warning from United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres opening COP25 in Madrid could not have been starker.

The world is passing the point of no return in averting climate disaster.

Even more drastic action is needed if we are to save the planet.

Looking at this with frustration, African countries that produce ten percent of the carbon emissions causing this devastation, has seven of the ten countries worst hit by climate change.

The don’t have the diplomatic muscle to press the real polluting powers to do what necessary to save them.


3 December 2019