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27 02 2020 | 07:30

High-Level Climate Champions to Drive Action at Africa Climate Week in Kampala.

UN Climate Change News – Nigel Topping and Gonzalo Muñoz - the High-Level Champions for Climate Action of the COP26 and COP25 Presidencies respectively - have confirmed their participation for Africa…

11 01 2020 | 09:14

The Lost Decade: How We Awoke To Climate Change Only To Squander Every Chance To Act.

This decade was likely the hottest on record. As it comes to a close and another begins, one glaring question is: Can the world make up for this lost time?

10 01 2020 | 16:40

Climate Emergency & Restoration: time for action!

Voices from the latest UNFCCC Conference of the Parties in Madrid on Climate Emergency and Climate Restoration (December 2019) including: Greta Thunberg John Kerry Hilda Flavia Nakabuye

09 01 2020 | 09:07

The UN climate talks ended in deadlock. Is this really the best the world can manage?

Last week, a whistle rang out in a buzzing conference fairground on the edge of Madrid. Instantly, a swell of protesters rose up, determined to “bring in the streets and tear down the walls”, enraged…

05 01 2020 | 12:41

Irreconcilable rift cripples UN climate talks as majority stand against polluters

Longest climate summit in history ended weakly as nations on both sides held hardline positions MADRID – The rift between a growing climate vanguard and a handful of countries obstructing progress…

05 01 2020 | 12:31

How Cop25 turned its back on climate action

The final text released after a marathon talks harked back to a deal made in Paris that placed no requirement on most countries to raise their targets until 2025 It was Cop25’s final call to arms on…

05 01 2020 | 12:16

Cop25: What was achieved and where to next?

After two weeks of talks, many issues remain unresolved. Here we break down the major fights and minor breakthroughs of the UN conference in Madrid The annual UN climate talks closed in…

29 12 2019 | 07:18

Innovative Hydropower Project Unveiled at COP25.

A major new energy innovation project to demonstrate how smart hydropower technologies can deliver a low-carbon, reliable and resilient power system was launched today. The €18 million initiative was…

27 12 2019 | 11:51

'If the climate stays like this, we won't make it' say those on the frontline of Africa's drought.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe (CNN)Torrents of water once thundered over the precipice at Victoria Falls, on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia, shrouding the area in mist.

26 12 2019 | 08:50

Quotes from the  FridaysForFuture Pressconference in COP25

WHAT: ​Press Conference

23 12 2019 | 13:49

For the vulnerable, UN climate talks are no longer fit for purpose

Having just returned home from my 25th consecutive UN climate talks in Madrid, I am now prepared to declare the decision making process in these annual jamborees is no longer fit for purpose. Let me…

23 12 2019 | 13:02

COP25: Self-serving G20 spites youth, humanity, world at climate talks.

With 500,000 mostly young climate activists rallying in Madrid streets, COP25 delegates agreed to disagree on nearly everything, with smaller nations striving to pave the way for implementation of a…

23 12 2019 | 08:49

US coalition says "we are still in" at UN summit.

Coalition of actors from the US rejects Trump's stand on climate change. As the US federal government steps down from the Paris Agreement, a group of representatives from local governments, business…

23 12 2019 | 08:18

Statement by the Executive Secretary of UN Climate Change, Patricia Espinosa, on the Outcome of COP25.

Several days have passed since the closing of the UN Climate Change Conference COP25 in Madrid, and it is important to conduct an honest and realistic assessment of what happened so that appropriate…

23 12 2019 | 08:10

India Announces a “Green Window” to Catalyze Climate Finance.

To meet India’s massive 450 gigawatts of clean energy target, Indian officials announcednew financing approach to boost investment in clean energy during the climate talks in Madrid this week. The…

23 12 2019 | 07:41

The Escazu Agreement wants to protect environmental human rights in Latin America - but not everyone is on board.

Approved in 2018 after six years of negotiations, the Escazú Agreement is the first and single environmental human rights treaty in Latin America and the Caribbean – the region with one of the world’…

20 12 2019 | 17:06

COP25: UNFCCC Exec Secretary Madame Patricia Espinosa response to Michael Bloomberg's offer of support.

UNFCCC Exec Secretary Madame Patricia Espinosa expressing the appreciation of the UN for the unwavering support of Michael Bloomberg and the other America to the climate talks at te WE ARE STILL IN…

20 12 2019 | 17:01

COP25: Actor Harrison Ford for Climate Action with the "WE ARE STILL IN" group.

Harrison Ford at COP25 at the WE ARE STILL IN USA Pavilion declaring his despair at the state the world is in, his concern about the future of his 3 children and 5 grandchildren, his dismay at USA'a…

20 12 2019 | 17:01

COP25: Michael Bloomberg at the "WE ARE STILL IN" USA Pavilion supporting Climate Talks.

Michael Bloomberg at COP25 and at the "WE ARE STILL IN" USA Pavilion declaring his opposition to Donald Trumps withdrawal from the Paris Agreement and pledging his support for the climate talks and…

19 12 2019 | 10:06

COP25: Hilda Flavia Nakabuye, Ugandan Climate Activist talks to e-mc2.

COP25 was a huge disappointment.