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12 07 2020 | 08:15

Desert greenery.

Today marks the 25th anniversary of World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought (WDCD). Under its theme ‘Let’s grow the future together,’ the initiative celebrates the 25 years of progress made…

12 07 2020 | 08:13

Scientists put forward plan to create universal species list.

A plan to create the first universally recognised list of species on Earth has prompted hopes of an end to centuries of disagreement and confusion over how to classify the world’s library of life.…

12 07 2020 | 07:52

How Botswana's Sudden Elephant Deaths Impact the Species.

When an elephant dies in the wild, it's not uncommon to later find its bones scattered throughout the surrounding landscape.   That's one way you can tell other elephants have passed through the…

12 07 2020 | 07:43

Namibia's last wild horses face a perilous future.

It's still debated exactly how the Namibian desert became home to a herd of wild horses. One theory is that diamond prospectors brought horses more than a century ago to since-abandoned mining…

08 07 2020 | 07:49

African nations urged to push energy transition.

As countries continue to rebuild from the coronavirus pandemic, Sustainable Energy for All, an international organization working to ensure access to sustainable energy worldwide, has highlighted key…

07 07 2020 | 08:27

Heatwaves have become longer in most of the world since 1950s – study.

Frequency of heatwaves and cumulative intensity has risen through the decades, research finds. Heatwaves have increased in both length and frequency in nearly every part of the world since the 1950s…

04 07 2020 | 10:40

Hundreds of elephants dead in mysterious mass die-off.

Botswana’s government is yet to test the remains of the dead animals in what has been described as a ‘conservation disaster’ More than 350 elephants have died in northern Botswana in a mysterious…

04 07 2020 | 10:38

Getting closer to a much better count of Africa’s lions.

African lions are one of the world’s favourite animals. But their numbers have been shrinking over the past century, especially over the past 30 years. Some scientists estimate that their numbers…

04 07 2020 | 10:26

Shooting of Zimbabwe workers by Chinese mine owner shows 'systemic' abuse, watchdog says.

Harare, Zimbabwe (CNN)The shooting of two Zimbabwean workers by a Chinese boss shows the "systematic and widespread" abuse that locals face in Chinese mining operations, says the Zimbabwe…

04 07 2020 | 10:18

Cooking up a solution to Uganda’s deforestation crisis with mud stoves.

Badru Kyewalyanga’s home-produced cooking devices use less wood and mean villagers are breathing cleaner air. People are “constantly cutting down trees”, says Badru Kyewalyanga, as he squelches his…

30 06 2020 | 08:24

Egypt secures US$253M from AfDB to finance Electricity and Green Growth Support Programme.

EGYPT – Egypt has secured a US$253 million loan from the African Development Bank (AfDB) to finance Egypt’s Electricity and Green Growth Support Programme (EGGSP). The funding, according to Africa…

30 06 2020 | 08:11

Are YOU a REvolutionary?

Are YOU a REvolutionary?

29 06 2020 | 07:52

Noose landmark in Namibia sparks a furore.

Petition launched to have Henties Bay tourist attraction removed and put in a museum. Windhoek — In Namibia’s coastal fishing village of Henties Bay the main tourist attraction is a noose hanging…

29 06 2020 | 07:20

'My land is now owned by lions': Maasai farmers offer Kenya's wildlife a lifeline.

Kenya has lost 70% of its wildlife in 30 years, but conservancy schemes could halt the decline – and benefit local communities. Parsaloi Kupai’s home, situated on the edge of Ol Kinyei conservancy…

22 06 2020 | 08:33

Four Poachers Arrested After Killing of Rare Silverback Gorilla in Uganda.

Four poachers were arrested this week in connection with the killing of a rare silverback gorilla in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, a lush preserve of mist-shrouded hillsides and thick…

22 06 2020 | 07:53

There is no tomorrow for me': Rwanda's teen mothers – in pictures.

Young unmarried mothers are often forced to live in poverty, unable to find work and shunned by their families and communities.

22 06 2020 | 07:51

Worst outbreak ever': Nearly a million pigs culled in Nigeria due to swine fever.

Farmers report devastating losses as poor control measures are blamed for spread of infection across the country Hundreds of thousands of pigs have been culled by Nigerian farmers in response to an…

22 06 2020 | 07:29

5 Youth Activists Who Are Demanding Urgent Climate Action in Africa.

Africa is already feeling the disproportionate impact of climate change.Africa is already feeling the disproportionate impact of climate change. Young people around the world are rising up against …

18 06 2020 | 07:25

Credit from Safaricom's Farming App Sows Seeds Of Change in Kenya.

BOMET, Kenya, June 15 (Reuters) - Rachel Bor's neighbours chatted, laughed and shared milky tea from her tarnished kettle as they celebrated their most bountiful maize crop yet on her half-acre plot…

18 06 2020 | 07:23

Jobs gone, investments wasted: Africa's deserted safaris leave mounting toll.

MABARHULE, South Africa - When Khimbini Hlongwane spent most of his small safari tour company’s savings on the deposit for a new minibus in February, it seemed like a safe bet. His revenues had…