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23 06 2022 | 19:18

AFRICA: at least six cities in a global ranking of 100 sustainable cities

Cairo, Cape Town, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Lagos and Kinshasa are among the Top 100 sustainable cities produced by the Dutch company Arcadis. According to this global ranking, all these African cities…

23 06 2022 | 18:30

AFRICA: BII accelerates climate finance through green bonds

British International Investment (BII) is underwriting $75 million in green bonds. The proceeds of the various transactions are intended to finance small-scale green projects and businesses in Africa…

20 06 2022 | 12:29

Congo peat: The 'lungs of humanity' which are under threat

A giant slab of carbon-rich peat, discovered in central Africa, is under threat from uncontrolled development - posing a significant risk for future climate change, writes BBC Africa correspondent…

14 06 2022 | 09:36

EGYPT: Stellantis to establish an electric vehicle manufacturing plant in 2025

In Egypt, the multinational automotive group Stellantis will build a plant for the local manufacture and export of electric vehicles.

14 06 2022 | 09:25

Minigrid and solar PV net metering project to benefit citizens of Ghana

The government of Ghana has signed a grant agreement with the African Development Fund and the government of Switzerland to support the development of minigrids and solar PV net metering The Ghana…

14 06 2022 | 09:22

NGX seeks increased investment towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Nigerian Exchange Limited has called for an increase in long-term sustainable finance to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Chief Executive Officer, Temi…

14 06 2022 | 09:18

Nigerian Breweries signs renewable energy power purchase agreement

Nigerian Breweries Plc has partnered with Konexa and signed a historic power purchase agreement to deliver 100% renewable energy to its Kaduna Breweries. This bold step is in line with its business…

14 06 2022 | 09:15

What Can Be Done To Achieve Climate Justice For Africa

Of all continents, Africa is least responsible for climate change. It has contributed only a minute part of the greenhouse gas emissions that are responsible for the climate emergency the world faces…

14 06 2022 | 08:56

ESG case study: South Africa’s SA Taxi attracts new set of investors

By agreeing to a far-reaching set of social goals, the JSE-listed company was able to improve their cost of capital and attract the attention of a new set of institutional investors.

14 06 2022 | 08:48

NERSA approves first 100MW project under new regulation

The National Electricity Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) has approved the first private projects to be regulated under new amendments to how projects apply for a generation licence if under 100MW…

13 06 2022 | 13:22

NGX seeks increased investment towards the Sustainable Development Goals

The Nigerian Exchange Limited has called for an increase in long-term sustainable finance to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Chief Executive Officer, Temi…

07 06 2022 | 22:18

Op-ed: Putting coal into an African perspective

Since the presidency of Thabo Mbeki, plans have been periodically put forward to increase South Africa’s nuclear output. At present, Africa’s only nuclear power plant, Koeberg, supplies electricity…

07 06 2022 | 22:10

Lagos State off-grid electrification strategy and action plan announced

The Lagos State Government has announced that it has developed the Lagos State Off-Grid Electrification Strategy and Action Plan. The Lagos State Government, through the Ministry of Energy and…

07 06 2022 | 21:50

CONGO: CGGC and Energaz Sign PPP for Two 331 MW Hydroelectric Plants

China Grezhouba Group Corporation (CGGC) will build two new power plants in Congo alongside Congolese company Energaz.

07 06 2022 | 21:36

MALI: Uduma provide drinking water to 45,000 people in Bougouni through 75 mini-WTPs

Uduma Mali has been awarded a new contract to manage drinking water services in Bougouni, in the Sikasso region of Mali. The subsidiary of the French group Odial Solutions will deliver the service…

07 06 2022 | 21:33

GABON: Owendo Container awarded Green Terminal label for its environmental performanc

Bolloré Ports, the subsidiary of the French group Bolloré, has awarded its Green Terminal label to Owendo Container Terminal (OCT), the manager of the container terminal in the Port of Libreville in…

07 06 2022 | 21:30

DRC: 18 solar-powered water supply systems provide water to 8,000 people in Lualaba

Société sino-congolaise des mines (SICOMINES) will finance the construction of 18 drinking water supply systems in four localities in the province of Lualaba in the south of the Democratic Republic…

03 06 2022 | 14:28

Interrogating green hydrogen cost and potential

IRENA members met recently to discuss plans for the international trade of green hydrogen and derivates. They also discussed the challenges they encounter in moving from announcements to projects at…

03 06 2022 | 14:05

Unlocking Digital Innovation for Net Zero

The transition to net -zero has to start with big business and it has to start now. These are the views from the ‘Unlocking digital innovations for net-zero’ panel at the annual World Economic Forum…

03 06 2022 | 14:01

Climate Transition in Emerging Economies

It’s no secret that a heavy reliance on commodities to build Africa’s economies has increased the continent’s carbon footprint. Although far less damage is caused by Africa than developed economies,…