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18 05 2023 | 11:49

April Mediterranean heatwave ‘almost impossible’ without climate crisis

The record-shattering temperatures that hit the western Mediterranean last week would have been “almost impossible” without the climate crisis, according to scientists.

24 04 2023 | 07:03

Down to Earth: The path to radically lower emissions tucked away inside the devastating IPCC report

This piece first appeared in Down to Earth, the Guardian’s climate and environment newsletter. Sign up here to read more exclusive pieces like this and for a digest of the week’s biggest environment…

24 04 2023 | 06:31

Frightening’: record-busting heat and drought hit Europe in 2022

The climate crisis had “frightening” impacts in Europe last year, with heatwaves killing more than 20,000 people and drought withering crops, an EU report has found. Its writers said drought was…

15 11 2022 | 10:12

What is the fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty?

Initiative aims to stop expansion of fossil fuel exploitation, but who supports it and how would it work?

10 11 2022 | 11:34

‘Significant’ moves on climate disaster funds lift Cop27 hopes

Small but symbolic moves at summit where finance is critical include new loss and damage money and debt relief A series of symbolic moves on climate finance at Cop27 suggests positive momentum…

28 10 2022 | 12:53

Climate crisis: UN finds ‘no credible pathway to 1.5C in place’

Failure to cut carbon emissions means ‘rapid transformation of societies’ is only option to limit impacts, report says There is “no credible pathway to 1.5C in place”, the UN’s environment agency…

28 10 2022 | 12:10

World close to ‘irreversible’ climate breakdown, warn major studies

Key UN reports published in last two days warn urgent and collective action needed – as oil firms report astronomical profits The climate crisis has reached a “really bleak moment”, one of the…

27 10 2022 | 09:26

‘Monstrous’ east African oil project will emit vast amounts of carbon, data shows

Experts say crude oil pipeline from Uganda to Tanzania will produce 25 times host nations’ combined annual emissions

07 10 2022 | 07:54

‘Reckless’ coal firms plan climate-busting expansion, study finds

Coal is the most polluting of all fossil fuels and investors must stop funding it, say campaigners Hundreds of coal companies around the world are developing new mines and power stations, according…

10 09 2022 | 10:42

World on brink of five ‘disastrous’ climate tipping points, study finds

Giant ice sheets, ocean currents and permafrost regions may already have passed point of irreversible change The climate crisis has driven the world to the brink of multiple “disastrous” tipping…

09 09 2022 | 11:18

Global fossil fuel subsidies almost doubled in 2021, analysis finds

Support amid huge industry profits is a ‘roadblock’ to tackling climate crisis, says International Energy Agency Global public subsidies for fossil fuels almost doubled to $700bn in 2021, analysis…

30 08 2022 | 08:51

Major sea-level rise caused by melting of Greenland ice cap is ‘now inevitable’

Loss will contribute a minimum rise of 27cm regardless of what climate action is taken, scientists discover Major sea-level rise from the melting of the Greenland ice cap is now inevitable,…

27 08 2022 | 06:28

Revealed: how climate breakdown is supercharging toll of extreme weather

The devastating intensification of extreme weather is laid bare today in a Guardian analysis that shows how people across the world are losing their lives and livelihoods due to more deadly and more…

22 08 2022 | 07:56

Fate of ‘sleeping giant’ East Antarctic ice sheet ‘in our hands’ – study

The fate of the world’s biggest ice sheet rests in the hands of humanity, a new analysis has shown. If global heating is limited to 2C, the vast East Antarctic ice sheet should remain stable, but if…

04 08 2022 | 09:16

Climate endgame: risk of human extinction ‘dangerously underexplored’

Scientists say there are ample reasons to suspect global heating could lead to catastrophe The risk of global societal collapse or human extinction has been “dangerously underexplored”, climate…

28 07 2022 | 20:29

Revealed: oil sector’s ‘staggering’ $3bn-a-day profits for last 50 years

The oil and gas industry has delivered $2.8bn (£2.3bn) a day in pure profit for the last 50 years, a new analysis has revealed. The vast total captured by petrostates and fossil fuel companies since…

12 07 2022 | 06:54

Plant-based meat by far the best climate investment, report finds

Investments in plant-based alternatives to meat lead to far greater cuts in climate-heating emissions than other green investments, according to one of the world’s biggest consultancy firms.

02 06 2022 | 10:15

People in US and UK face huge financial hit if fossil fuels lose value, study shows

Individuals in rich countries face huge financial losses if climate action slashes the value of fossil fuel assets, a study shows, despite many oil and gas fields being in other countries.

02 06 2022 | 10:14

Sunak’s UK oil subsidy could have insulated 2m homes, says thinktank

Billions of pounds given away in a tax break for UK oil and gas exploitation could have permanently cut the energy bills of 2m homes by £342 a year if invested in insulation measures, according to a…

02 06 2022 | 10:09

Analysis: Banks hold $681 billion of potentially stranded fossil assets

Individuals in rich countries face huge financial losses if climate action slashes the value of fossil fuel assets, a study shows, despite many oil and gas fields being in other countries.