Japan Wind Energy 2020 ( 28-29 October; Tokyo)

06 04 2020 | 08:39

Event Description:

2nd Japan Wind Energy 202, the two-day high level conference will feature a range of plenary and panel sessions including regulatory, policy, market, finance and technology updates relating to the challenges and development of Wind Energy in Japan, and provide you with a comprehensive overview of market opportunities and innovations driving the future of Onshore, Offshore & Floating Wind in Japan. 


the JWE programme offers a mix of high-level sessions delivered by global industry experts and exciting new breakout sessions, carefully structured to address your key pain-points and challenges, including:

• Deep Dive Japan Wind Industry: Unlocking the Offshore Wind Potential

• Improving Offshore Wind Farm Business Case Certainty with Advanced Tools and Solutions

• Towards Wind Supply Chain Excellence & Localization

• The Bank perspective on the path of the Floating Offshore Wind

• Floating Wind Project will Achieve the First Gigawatt Milestone before Bottom-fixed Wind Project


Market Overview:

• Japan has #6 Largest Sea Space and #7 Longest coastline in the world

• Under The 5th Strategic Energy Plan, Japan plans to achieve 22% to 24% renewable energy by 2030 and 80% target by 2050

10GW of offshore wind power capacity is required to meet the Japanese government’s 2030 target with about 6GW for fixed turbines and 4GW for floating ones.

• METI inaugurated the Subcommittee on System Reform for Renewable Energy as Main Power Source and the Subcommittee for Sustainable Power Systems 


Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI)/ Agency for Natural Resources and Energy(ANRE) just announced FIT prices for Wind Energy for fiscal year 2020 on 23, Mar 2020. It will be applied for wind projects approved after April 2020(April 2020-March 2021). here below are the detailed FIT Price information:

- For Onshore Wind Power : 18JPY + tax (10%) / kWh
- For Replacement : 16JPY + tax (10%) / kWh
- For Offshore Wind Power (fixed bottom) : Auction
- For Offshore Wind Power (floating) : 36JPY + tax (10%) / kWh


Upcoming Wind Power Projects in Japan:

1.Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) plans to build a 370MW offshore wind farm in Choshi, Chiba PrefectureTepco and Orsted have set up a joint venture company to work on a bid to develop an offshore wind project in Japan’s Choshi area

2. Marubeni Corp. is preparing to launch its Japan’s first 140MW large-scale offshore wind power generation business. this $894.4 million project will see around 33 turbines at the ports in Akita and Noshiro and be operational by the end of 2022

3. Mitsubishi and Chubu Electric were selected as the preferred buyers in a bid for Eneco. Mitsubishi plans to transfer part of its offshore wind activities (more than 400MW) to Eneco.

4. Sumitomo Corp., Japan Renewable Energy Corp. and Japan Wind Developments Co. are planning to build offshore wind turbines to generate more than 1GW of power in Akita Prefecture alone.

5. Toda Corp. is eyeing a floating wind farm in Nagasaki Prefecture.

6. Jera Co. is one of the most active players. It is considering a bid to set up several hundred megawatts worth of fixed-bottom turbines in Japan, taking advantage of its experience overseas. It is in discussions to hold a substantial stake in a third 2GW project.  


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