Alexandra Mitsotaki

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27 05 2022 | 09:04

ALPHA MISSION - ΔELOS this coming Monday, 30th of May, Live from Delos

Its finally happening. Commencing countdown, Engines on... for ALPHA MISSION - ΔELOS this coming Monday, 30th. If you are in Greece watch on ERT2 or on the outside screening in the gardens of the…

19 05 2022 | 07:04

The first Greece New European Bauhaus Festival in June 2022

The Festival brings together people from all walks of life to debate and shape our future. A future that is sustainable, inclusive and beautiful. It is a great opportunity to network, exchange and…

14 05 2022 | 09:39


Last year we planted the first seed of our ALPHA MISSION - ΔELOS, a mission to combine the strengths of Mythology, Art and Space Technology for the Regeneration of our Planet.