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26 08 2021 | 07:33

Blue hydrogen is worse for climate than fossil fuels, study finds

It’s usually touted as a clean energy source, but that may not be the case Blue hydrogen, an energy source that involves obtaining hydrogen by using methane in natural gas, is usually described as a…

09 02 2021 | 09:29

Flights would be faster and use less fuel if they would ‘use the wind’.

Airlines could significantly reduce their fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions if planes become more efficient at riding the wind, a new study in the UK found. This would also directly…

18 06 2020 | 07:03

Half the planet is still free from a significant human influence – and it should remain like that.

Conservationists call to expand the amount of land formally protected. About half of the Earth’s ice-free land remains free of significant influence from humans, according to a new study, which…

04 06 2020 | 07:17

The world is facing a sixth mass extinction — and it’s happening much faster than expected

Human activities are driving thousands of species to the brink of extinction. The world is facing its sixth mass extinction — it’s happening now and we are the ones to blame, according to a new…

03 06 2020 | 10:11

Climate change is making marine species migrate towards the poles faster than those on land.

Rising temperatures, shifts in precipitation patterns, and changes in vegetations, all direct effects of a warmer world, are changing the range and distribution of many species — they are now forced…

23 12 2019 | 07:41

The Escazu Agreement wants to protect environmental human rights in Latin America - but not everyone is on board.

Approved in 2018 after six years of negotiations, the Escazú Agreement is the first and single environmental human rights treaty in Latin America and the Caribbean – the region with one of the world’…