carbon tax

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23 09 2020 | 09:53

EU to withdraw free CO2 pollution credits to clear way for carbon border tax.

The European Commission plans to withdraw free allowances given to polluting industries under the EU’s emission trading system (ETS) in order to clear the way for their inclusion in the bloc’s…

18 05 2020 | 12:48

Five reasons why now is a good time for a fee on carbon emissions.

Dividends can benefit consumers while building momentum towards renewables A world emerging from economic lockdown can seize the opportunity to return to growth on a sustainable path, by introducing…

02 08 2019 | 06:04

European airline chiefs push back against flight shaming, carbon taxes.

The heads of some of Europe’s largest airlines hit back on Wednesday (10 July) against efforts to discourage Europeans from flying, arguing the industry was making huge strides in cutting its carbon…

15 07 2019 | 08:13

France to impose green tax on plane tickets.

France announced Tuesday (9 July) it would impose new taxes on plane tickets of up to €18 per flight, joining other EU states seeking to limit the environmental impact of air travel. The government…

28 05 2019 | 08:02

Coal-hungry South Africa introduces carbon tax

  The tax will be levied from June 1 on greenhouse gases from fuel combustion, and industrial processes and emissions.