Larry Elliott

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05 11 2021 | 09:18

Op -Cop26 will be derailed unless the rich world meets its obligation to the poor

It’s no use telling developing nations to decarbonise. The west must accept it bears the bulk of the blame for the climate crisis Acouple of hundred years ago Britain was not a lot different from…

15 02 2021 | 12:55

We're on a collision course with the planet. But with public support, that can change.

Smart, activist states could prove as effective at handling the biodiversity crisis as they have at tackling the pandemic Let’s be honest: few government-commissioned reports make a real difference…

11 05 2019 | 10:22

Global warming could create 'greater migratory pressure from Africa'.

Europe can expect even greater migratory pressure from Africa unless action is taken to prevent global warming, Sir David Attenborough has said in a strongly worded warning to policymakers that time…