fossil fuels

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13 04 2021 | 12:31

Extinction Rebellion sprays Bank of England with ‘oil’ in new wave of protest.

Protesters dressed as ‘Fossil Fools’ splattered the side of the Bank of England. Several people have been arrested as Extinction Rebellion’s ‘Fossil Fool’ protesters sprayed the Bank of England with…

13 04 2021 | 12:27

Banks pledge to fight climate crisis – but their boards have deep links with fossil fuels

Analysis finds 77% of directors on boards of seven US banks have ties to ‘climate-conflicted’ groups, as banks continue to finance projects like the Line 3 oil pipeline US banks are pledging to…

13 04 2021 | 12:13

Fossil Fuel Companies Scored Billions in Tax Breaks in 2020 Before Laying off Thousands of Workers

Fossil fuel companies got billions in tax breaks and laid off more than 58,000 workers last year, a report from BailoutWatch found.

13 04 2021 | 09:53

South Africa sets out to tighten 2030 emissions target.

South Africa’s economy is shifting from heavy industry to service sectors, allowing for deeper carbon cuts, but coal lingers in the energy mix. South Africa is proposing to deepen its emissions cuts…

07 04 2021 | 16:40

Greece officially closes four lignite-powered plants with 1,200MW of capacity

Four of the country’s most polluting power production plants are being formally shut down as Greece phases out the use of brown coal, or lignite, in line with European Union environmental protection…

06 04 2021 | 14:38

Climate Change Cannot Be Mitigated Without Effective Carbon Pricing.

More and more countries, already representing about 70% of the world economy, are setting climate neutrality targets.

06 04 2021 | 14:33

Fossil fuels get too many government handouts. Biden wants to cut them off.

The American Jobs Plan proposes taking away major tax breaks for the fossil fuel industry. One of the great ironies of climate politics is that America continues to subsidize — to the tune of…

06 04 2021 | 14:27

Fossil Fuel Companies Are Job Killers.

New analysis shows the number of workers required per project will soon fall by 20 to 30 percent, even without a transition to renewables.

05 04 2021 | 10:59

Fossil fuel industry does U-turn on carbon pricing as Biden digs in on climate action.

At virtual forum to launch review of federal oil and gas leases, one indigenous leader called the government program an ‘environmentally racist horror show’. The fossil fuel industry has done a U-…

05 04 2021 | 10:52

Bank Lending to Fossil Fuel Companies Increased After Paris Agreement

The world's biggest banks gave fossil fuel companies $3.8 trillion in financing in the years following the Paris agreement, according to a new report.

05 04 2021 | 10:04

UK rules out public subsidy for East African oil pipeline

UK Export Finance will no longer back oil and gas projects overseas, shutting off a potential source of support for a major pipeline across Uganda and Tanzania. The UK has ruled out billions of…

05 04 2021 | 08:42

Australia's miners urge Europe to define nuclear power and fossil fuels with carbon capture as 'sustainable'

Minerals Council of Australia has been accused of trying to export its ‘negative approach to climate policy’ The Minerals Council of Australia has weighed into a European Commission climate policy…

04 04 2021 | 08:35

Diversify or risk unrest, oil producers warned in report.

As world shifts to green energy, Iraq and Nigeria among those vulnerable to ‘wave of instability’. Oil-dependent countries that are not preparing to adapt to the global shift away from fossil fuels…

03 04 2021 | 07:09

Top-secret Cold War military project found perfectly preserved fossil plants under Greenland ice.

Frozen soil held plant fragments that may be a million years old. Frozen soil that was collected in Greenland during the Cold War by a secret military operation hid another secret: buried fossils…

01 04 2021 | 11:44

China’s Dirty Recovery Will Make Curbing Climate Change Tougher.

China’s economy roared back from the pandemic on a plume of greenhouse gas emissions, raising questions over how the nation will balance new growth targets with its climate change goals. Carbon…

24 03 2021 | 11:55

New Report: World’s 60 Largest Banks Have Poured $3.8 Trillion Into Fossil Fuels Since Paris Agreement.

Climate groups sound alarm as fossil fuel financing continues to rise even amidst the global economic downturn

22 03 2021 | 09:19

Yallourn, one of Australia's last brown coal power stations, to close early in favour of giant battery.

Power station produces 13% of Victoria’s and 3% of national emissions and employs 500 people. One of Australia’s dirtiest coal-fired power stations, Yallourn in Victoria’s Latrobe valley, will close…

22 03 2021 | 08:58

Australian exporters could face millions of dollars in European tariffs as EU seeks to punish polluters.

Australian exporters to Europe are likely to face millions of dollars in new tariffs after the European Parliament voted overnight to move forward with a carbon levy on products from countries…

15 03 2021 | 11:12

Breaking: powering past coal alliance urges faster phaseout while co-founders allow new coal mines

The global Powering Past Coal Alliance is taking sharp criticism from both sides of the Atlantic this week, with delegates gathering for a three-day online summit while the PPCA’s two founders and co…

15 03 2021 | 10:45

China's five-year plan could push emissions higher unless action is taken.

Target is in line with previous trends and could mean greenhouse gas emissions continuing to rise. China has set out an economic blueprint for the next five years that could lead to a strong rise in…