01 02 2021 | 09:31

What is Build Back Better GR

The Build Back Better Greece  is an effort to develop reconstruction proposals in the post-COVID-19 era, both nationally and across borders.

The current obvious need to return to normal is problematic when "normal" is what led us to where we are. Will the reconstruction process be based on open "co-craetion" systems or closed "control" systems? This will be the central issue in the near future.

Why now?

In view of the pandemic, the future effects of which are still unknown, what is required is not a superficial recovery. What is required is the activation of all stakeholders, with commitment and effective participation in the effort of total restart in terms of sustainability and real progress. The goal is one and is reflected in an overall aim of Better Reconstruction. Towards this direction, a crucial role will be played mainly by the new generation, the generation of the multidimensional crisis but also of hope, as it is the only one that still has time to succeed and put into practice the #BuildBackBetter.


Site: http://buildbackbetter.gr/




29 January 2021

Build Back Better GR