Solar advice: Run heat pumps on solar energy!

22 01 2019 | 09:50

When building a new home, the house builders also have the opportunity to design the heating system exactly to their needs.

PV and heat pumps are often offered in suitable kits.

On the whole, there are two periods during the year when the warmth inside the house is of consequence. During the summer and the warmer weeks in spring the heating is off. In the transitional period, some heating is needed to maintain a comfortable temperature.

It is only during the cold weeks that the heating system is truly needed. Our latitudes see really severe sub-zero temperatures only on a few days of the year.

A hybrid solution is the better choice

As fully electric heating systems are still very expensive, it is recommended to go for a hybrid solution: Heat pumps use electricity to concentrate the thermic potential of the outside air, the ground or the ground water, and turn it into usable heat. Again, it is recommended to run the pumps off the solar generator on your roof.

Initially it is most important to insulate the house correctly. The heating demand depends on how much heat is lost through the outside walls, the roof and the cellar (if available). The heating system will also need to be able to cope with losses as a result of ventilation.

Easy to install

Generally speaking, air-heating pumps should be the first choice, because they are inexpensive to buy and easy to install. If more heating capacity in required, it is better to go for a geothermal heat pump. As long as there is sufficient solar electricity coming off the roof, you can run the heat pump on that. Otherwise, use green electricity from the grid. (HS)

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16 January 2019