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23 09 2021 | 11:19

Κοινή Ανακοίνωση οργανώσεων της Συμμαχίας για το Κλίμα - 24 Σεπτεμβρίου 2021

Κάλεσμα στην παγκόσμια κινητοποίηση νέων Fridays For Future την Παρασκευή 24 Σεπτεμβρίου Όσα ζήσαμε τα τελευταία χρόνια, ιδιαίτερα το 2021, με τους καύσωνες, τις πλημμύρες, τις άγριες πυρκαγιές και…

04 04 2021 | 08:38

How Has COVID Changed Fridays for Future?

When Fridays for Future (FFF) takes to the streets on March 19, activists around the world are going to be doing everything they can to make sure the climate crisis stays in the news. In the…

19 03 2021 | 13:28

FRIDAYS FOR FUTURE: Climate Strikers Mobilise Globally To Demand #NoMoreEmptyPromises

Videos and photos of strikes across the world will be available in this link:

04 05 2020 | 11:30

Petitions: Greek Anti-Environmental Bill.

Help us create pressure against the anti-environmental bill in Greece and any other country that will dare to follow these footsteps! Read and sign these petitions! Help us stop the climate crisis!

26 03 2020 | 10:01

Fridays for Future launches new initiative “Talks for Future.

While Covid-19 (“Corona-Virus”) is spreading worldwide, Fridays for Future is taking responsibility and moving its protests to the internet. Starting this friday the movement will hold weekly…

19 03 2020 | 07:08

Fridays For Future: #menoumespitisozoumetonplaniti


25 02 2020 | 18:21

Ενάντια στη γρήγορη μόδα - FridaysForFutureGreece

  Τι είναι η γρήγορη μόδα; Η γρήγορη μόδα έχει επιταχύνει το επιχειρηματικό μοντέλο στη βιομηχανία της μόδας ενθαρρύνοντας τους ανθρώπους να αγοράζουν περισσότερα ρούχα με το να τα προσφέρουν σε…

03 02 2020 | 07:38

Young African Climate Activists seek Africa climate change action.

Teen activist Greta Thunberg has hosted a press conference to stress the importance of how climate change is affecting people in Africa. One of those taking part was Vanessa Nakate, a Ugandan at the…

26 12 2019 | 08:50

Quotes from the  FridaysForFuture Pressconference in COP25

WHAT: ​Press Conference

19 12 2019 | 10:06

COP25: Hilda Flavia Nakabuye, Ugandan Climate Activist talks to e-mc2.

COP25 was a huge disappointment.

18 12 2019 | 18:04

e-mc2 at COP25: FridaysForFuture press conference at COP25.

There was only one thing alive at COP25 and that was the young climate activists. They were everywhere from the streets of Madrid to every single corner of COP25 Smiling, loud, passionate, powerful…

04 12 2019 | 09:47

YEET CAPITALISM - Our speech from devon youth parliament.

On the 29th, two of our strikers spoke at devon youth parliament’s climate forum about the green new deal and participatory democracy; this is their speech:

03 12 2019 | 16:34

Τι συνέβη στις 29/11;

Κινητοποιήσεις Σε Όλη Την Ελλάδα! Σήμερα (29/11/2019) από το πρωί, στα πλαίσια της παγκόσμιας πορείας εν όψη της συνδιάσκεψης του ΟΗΕ για την αντιμετώπιση της κλιματικής αλλαγής COP25 στην Μαδρίτη,…

20 09 2019 | 07:30

Global Climate Strike begins in Australia. Fridays for the future of humanity. The children fighting our fight. [updated video]

CLIMATE ACTION FROM AROUND THE WORLD   As it happened around the world    

14 08 2019 | 07:25

Greta Thunberg: World leaders must prove they’ve listened to climate activists

World leaders must prove that they have listened to young climate activists after a year of protests has not led to any progress in the reduction of greenhouse emissions, leading activist Greta…