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14 06 2021 | 08:47

Australian coal burnt overseas creates nearly twice the nation’s domestic emissions.

New data comes amid warning that world’s growing awareness of coal exports’ impact risks further damaging Australia’s reputation on climate. Emissions from coal mined in Australia but exported and…

10 06 2021 | 15:11

NGOs call for Japan to end Australia coal imports by 2030

Australian and Japanese environment and research groups have issued a joint call to the Japanese government to end Australian imports of coal. The group of non-government organisations have produced…

10 06 2021 | 13:42

Thai coal giant Banpu acquires two solar farms in Australia for $75.4M.

Banpu, Thailand’s largest coal company, has moved to acquire two solar farms in Australia as it seeks to boost capacity in this field of renewable energy roughly sixfold by 2025. Banpu announced…

04 06 2021 | 12:43

Zero to 60% in 14 years – South Australia’s success in transitioning to renewables.

Seven important lessons for energy planners around the globe in transitioning grids from fossil fuels to renewables. South Australia offers vital lessons for other jurisdictions transitioning from a…

02 06 2021 | 18:38

Australian court finds government has duty to protect young people from climate crisis.

Eight teenagers, along with 86-year-old nun, launched case to prevent the approval of a massive coalmine. The federal court of Australia has found the environment minister, Sussan Ley, has a duty of…

30 05 2021 | 16:13

School strike for climate: thousands take to streets around Australia.

Thousands of students across Australia walked out of classrooms to take part in the School Strike 4 Climate on Friday, calling for greater action on global heating. Defying pouring rain in Sydney,…

26 05 2021 | 08:47

Australia’s big banks reject Nationals’ claims managing climate risk is ‘virtue signalling’

Major banks say Australia’s international trading partners require the sector to identify and disclose climate risk on their balance sheets. Australia’s big banks have declared they need to actively…

26 05 2021 | 08:01

Why is the Morrison government building a $600m gas power plant? – Australian politics podcast

The federal government this week confirmed it would spend up to $600m on a new gas-fired power plant in NSW’s Hunter region, despite the International Energy Agency saying there should be no new…

21 05 2021 | 15:06

Australia rooftop solar reduced grid pressure during heat wave peak

Pressure on the national electricity grid at the peak of last summer’s heat fell to its lowest level in five years due to the rising influence of household solar panels, a new analysis has found.…

21 05 2021 | 10:52

Australia: Why ‘gold-plated’ gas plan makes zero sense.

The federal government should invest in clean energy industries of the future, not a stranded asset. The Hunter has the answer to Australia’s energy debate, and it’s not a new gas plant at Kurri…

19 05 2021 | 13:28

Hunter Valley coal center to be replaced by Australia “Hydrogen Valley”.

Australia’s first “hydrogen valley” would be created in New South Wales and run entirely on renewable energy under a $2bn proposal supported by local and global energy companies. Led by renewables…

14 05 2021 | 12:07

Top Australia regulator sees no future for coal-fired generators.

Australia’s fleet of ageing coal fired generators are going broke and are likely to become less reliable in the future as operators stop maintaining them, according to the chair of the federal…

04 05 2021 | 10:12

‘Insanely cheap energy’: how solar power continues to shock the world.

Australian smarts and Chinese industrial might made solar power the cheapest power humanity has seen – and no one saw it coming.

13 04 2021 | 12:30

Sydney’s inland suburbs are 10°C warmer than the coast in heat waves

Large-scale weather patterns and urban overheating are interacting to make Sydney’s inland suburbs up to 10°C warmer than coastal areas during extreme heat events.

13 04 2021 | 12:24

Gas consortium seeks approval to drill 7,700 wells in Queensland, including near national parks

Australia Pacific LNG wants environmental approval to drill across nearly half a million hectares of central and south-west Queensland. Australia’s largest east coast gas producer has sought federal…

13 04 2021 | 10:03

Community batteries: what are they, and how could they help Australian energy consumers?

Labor proposes funding batteries to allow households with solar power to pool excess electricity. Here’s what you need to know. In what might be the most attention the battery world has had since…

07 04 2021 | 09:41

'Every choice matters': can we cling to hope of avoiding 1.5C heating?

The Australian Academy of Science warns that limiting global heating to the Paris goal is now ‘virtually impossible’. Is it right? by Graham Readfearn and Adam Morton Australia’s leading scientists…

05 04 2021 | 08:42

Australia's miners urge Europe to define nuclear power and fossil fuels with carbon capture as 'sustainable'

Minerals Council of Australia has been accused of trying to export its ‘negative approach to climate policy’ The Minerals Council of Australia has weighed into a European Commission climate policy…

03 04 2021 | 07:44

Climate experts in dismay at choice of Mathias Cormann as OECD chief.

Critics say election of former Australian finance minister with ‘atrocious record’ sends a dangerous signal.

29 03 2021 | 11:11

Renewables plus batteries offer Australia the same energy security as coal, research finds.

Australia Institute calls for rule change to allow renewables to replace fossil fuels in underpinning grid reliability. Renewable energy and batteries can secure Australia’s electricity grid as…