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27 08 2022 | 07:24

The floods tell us the river is sick. We should listen to Indigenous knowledge to help Country heal

Our family, community and Country were severely impacted by the extreme rain and floods around Lismore in February and March 2022. Fortunately, our place at Rosebank was only subject to minor damage…

27 08 2022 | 06:15

Australian electricity companies not reducing emissions in line with Paris agreement goals, study finds

Nine out of 10 major Australian electricity companies are failing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions fast enough to meet the goals of the landmark Paris climate agreement, a study has found.

17 08 2022 | 16:59

Tanya Plibersek says she will block Clive Palmer’s proposed coalmine near Great Barrier Reef

The environment minister, Tanya Plibersek, has said she intends to block a coalmine project backed by mining billionaire Clive Palmer that would have dug for the fossil fuel just 10km from Queensland…

17 08 2022 | 16:28

Australia should abandon goal to limit global heating to 1.5C, says gas company eyeing Beetaloo Basin

A gas company with interests in the Beetaloo Basin is calling on the federal government to rewrite its climate change legislation to abandon the “unattainable” objective of trying to limit global…

07 08 2022 | 08:26

As my son choked on bushfire smoke it was clear our most vulnerable are feeling our climate negligence

Any new coal and gas projects are incompatible with effective climate action. This egregious compromise has to stop now ​​​I’ve never felt more helpless as a parent than I did during the black…

02 08 2022 | 11:14

IEEFA: More subsidies proposed for a failing and risky gas industry

There is much to disagree with in the proposed Australian Government “ramping up” of funding for the Beetaloo Basin gas expansion.

02 08 2022 | 11:00

AEMO says firmed wind and solar cheapest reliable energy option by “country mile”

The Australian Energy Market Operator has again underlined its view that Australia’s energy future lies in “firmed renewables ” – wind and solar backed up by storage and new transmission – which it…

28 07 2022 | 20:52

Australia wind power hits record 7.1 gigawatts over weekend

Wind power set a new output record on Saturday evening, reaching 7,111MW – the first time it has been over 7,000MW – a welcome respite for most state grids from the growing pressures of costly fossil…

28 07 2022 | 20:09

Octopus Australia launches AU$10 billion renewables plan

Octopus Investment Australia has officially launched its new $10 billion renewables “platform”, that will seek to finance big solar, wind and battery storage projects and has already bought the…

28 07 2022 | 20:07

Pension fund adviser warns blue hydrogen could be “white elephant”

The responsible investment arm of an influential proxy adviser has warned investors of a significant risk that investments in “blue” hydrogen will become “white elephants”, given rapidly declining…

19 07 2022 | 12:09

Labor backing fossil fuel projects could scupper Greens support for 43% target

The Greens leader, Adam Bandt, says the party’s support for the government’s climate legislation may hinge on whether it continues to back new fossil fuel projects, vowing to push Labor to go “…

12 07 2022 | 07:05

Conservatives blame the energy crisis on net zero climate goals – but what is really going on?

A range of factors is behind the rise in electricity prices, but net zero isn’t one of them. Energy markets and electricity systems are complicated beasts at the best of times, but throw in war,…

05 07 2022 | 08:30

Macquarie Group to invest $3 billion in Hải Phòng wind farm

HÀ NỘI — Corio Generation of Macquarie Group (Australia) proposed researching an offshore wind power plant project with a capacity of about 1,000MW at the total investment of between $2 billion and $…

29 06 2022 | 09:30

Silver lining: Australian researchers given $45m to study alternative solar panel materials

The Albanese government has extended funding for Australia’s world-leading solar energy scientists as they race to increase panel efficiency and shift to more abundant materials, before constraints…

22 06 2022 | 12:03

Watch the fiery moment Energy Minister loses it at a journalist for suggesting more coal was the answer to the energy crisis

Chris Bowen has furiously dismissed suggestions that prolonging coal-fired power is the solution to Australia's energy crisis. The Energy Minister Minister fired-up in a press conference when he was…

22 06 2022 | 11:58

Vanuatu calls on Australia to back its UN bid to recognise climate change harm

Australia’s new Labor government has been called on to prove its commitment to climate action and support for Pacific countries by backing a campaign led by Vanuatu to see international law changed…

22 06 2022 | 11:57

Are cool roofs the future for Australian cities?

Outdoor air temperature and cooling energy consumption can be significantly reduced by solar reflective material, research finds. A UNSW Sydney research team’s technological and cost-benefit…

17 06 2022 | 06:28

Why the collapse of an Atlantic ocean current could mean La Niña becomes the norm

Climate change is slowing down the conveyor belt of ocean currents that brings warm water from the tropics up to the north Atlantic. Our research, published today in Nature Climate Change, looks at…

03 06 2022 | 13:39

Australia’s biggest coal plant can’t get enough coal, as fossil fuel disaster accelerates

The fossil fuel crisis affecting Australia’s energy markets took a new twist on Wednesday when Origin Energy, the owner of the country’s biggest coal generator, confirmed it could not source enough…

02 06 2022 | 10:17

AGL’s coal implosion shows what a disorderly transition to clean energy looks like

The spectacular implosion at AGL Energy, Australia’s biggest corporate greenhouse gas polluter, has been years in the making and should have ramifications across Australia’s political and business…