Wind Catching with a different approach.

14 06 2021 | 10:07
  • Designed to optimise energy production for a floating wind power plant

  • Designed for easy operations and maintenance

    • Elevator based turbine installation – all heavy operations performed on deck

    • No need for specialized vessels or cranes

  • 50 year design life

  • Power to X – production and storage


Wind Catcher has an integrated substation

Turret and mooring using well known technology from O&G industry, ocean bottom impact reduced through high unit production. Integrated substation in “mother vessel”, connecting all units and export to land.


Radically reducing LCOE for floating wind 

  • Delivers electricity at Grid Parity now

  • Significant scaleability for future reductions

  • One Wind Catching unit produces enough electricity for 80.000 European households

  • Five Wind Catching units can produce the same amount of electricity as 25 conventional turbines



Energy scales exponentially with wind speed. Conventional turbines limits energy output above 11-12 m/s by pitching the blades.

Utilizing the full energy in higher wind speeds and the multirotor effect, the Windcatcher generate 2.5x more annual energy per swept area than a conventional turbine.

Having double the swept area of a conventional 15 MW wind turbine, one Windcatching unit will generate 5x the annual energy production.


June 2021