Today is Earth Overshoot Day—we’re not waiting to #MoveTheDate!

29 07 2021 | 13:19

We're Not Waiting To #MoveTheDate

Today marks day 1 of 100 Days of Possibility, a new initiative showcasing ways for each country, city, or business to ready themselves for a world increasingly defined by ecological overshoot. Effective and scalable solutions exist around the world that also #MoveTheDate of Earth Overshoot Day.

A new possibility is unveiled each day leading up to COP26 in Glasgow. Those already revealed include:

  • A country-wide smart grid in Egypt (Schneider Electric)
  • Low-carbon circular concrete (Eberhard)
  • Fair fashion and ecologically sound textiles (Hessnatur)
  • Municipal Footprint-driven development strategies (Guimarães)
  • Fostering short-chain & sustainable food systems in the Med (Foodnected)
  • Railroad line converted into a commuters' cycling path (Wuppertal).

There’s no benefit in waiting. Let's #MoveTheDate.



Want to do something today to #MoveTheDate? If our investments, including our bank deposits, decarbonized the electricity system worldwide by 50%, we could move Earth Overshoot Day by 22 days. As part of our partnership with Atmos Financial, Global Footprint Network will receive $20 (time limited) for every new customer gained using this link to help build more momentum for the many climate solutions at our fingertips. As always, donations to Global Footprint Network can be made here. Thank you for your support!



29 July 2021

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