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16 10 2021 | 13:01

Why white people get wealthier after disasters but others suffer – an illustrated story.

Government programs that help people recover their wealth after natural disasters end up reinforcing inequality    

16 10 2021 | 12:57

Virgin Atlantic announces ambitious carbon targets to ensure it meets net zero by 2050

The airline giant is planning to make significant reductions in CO2 emissions through increased fleet efficiency and use of 10% Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) in 2030. To achieve net zero by 2050…

16 10 2021 | 12:46

Queen calls on Scottish parliament to tackle climate change

Monarch urges MSPs to build ‘fairer and greener future’ as she opens parliament ahead of Cop26 The Queen has urged Scotland’s MSPs to tackle climate change and “help create a better, healthier…

16 10 2021 | 12:43

This Year's E-Waste to Outweigh Great Wall of China

2021's mountain of waste didn't grow out of nowhere. October 14th is International E-Waste Day, and, to raise awareness about this growing problem, the waste electrical and electronic equipment…

16 10 2021 | 12:17

10 great city projects for nature – from vertical forests to a ‘gangsta garden’

Around the world, architects, activists and communities are finding ways to bring wildlife into urban areas

16 10 2021 | 12:15

In search of ‘Lithium Valley’: why energy companies see riches in the California desert

Firms say what’s underneath the Salton Sea could fuel a green-energy boom. But struggling residents have heard such claims before by Aaron Miguel Cantú in Calipatria

16 10 2021 | 11:57

Palm oil: why a ‘sustainable global supply’ chain needs to include smallholder farmers

To improve traceability and visibility across palm oil supply chains, it’s essential for industry and grassroots organisations to work together to ensure the smallholders producing the crop are not…

16 10 2021 | 11:51

Stop, look and listen: artists’ startling responses to the climate crisis

Dorset’s Inside Out festival brought audiences closer to nature with rock star-guided rambles, dirt-digging dances and a globe suspended in woodland

16 10 2021 | 11:29

Vattenfall plans to re-use, recycle or recover used wind turbine blades

Vattenfall has committed to a landfill ban for end of life wind turbine blades. Instead it will re-use, recycle or recover 100% of decommissioned wind turbine blades from owned wind farms.  The…

16 10 2021 | 11:18

Seeing is Believing

For those who still doubt climate change

16 10 2021 | 11:12

Humans are destroying biodiversity, Sir David Attenborough warns in new film

Sir David Attenborough voices animated short feature about why we need biodiversity. Sir David Attenborough has said that nature has a “great spiritual and cultural value” for human beings yet “many…

16 10 2021 | 11:04

Putin reverses stance to pledge net zero by 2060 for Russia

Russia will seek to become carbon neutral within four decades, President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday, marking a stunning reversal in his stance on climate change.  “We set a specific aim here…

16 10 2021 | 10:55

Cocktail of pesticides in almost all oranges and grapes, UK study finds

Traces of 122 different pesticides in 12 most polluted fruit and veg products, many with links to cancer. Almost all grapes and oranges contain a “cocktail of pesticides” according to research,…

15 10 2021 | 16:12

Greta Thunberg: I’m open to meeting Biden at Cop26 but don’t expect much

The activist says she will continue to repeat her message until governments take meaningful steps to address the climate crisis. Greta Thunberg is “open” to meeting with Joe Biden at the United…

15 10 2021 | 14:46

EU outlines short and long-term answer to global energy price surge

The European Commission unveiled on Wednesday (13 October) a “toolbox” of measures  EU countries will be able to draw from when responding to rising energy prices in the short term, while pointing to…

14 10 2021 | 15:49

European Union plans push for end to Arctic fossil fuel production.

The European Union is to push for an end to the exploitation of Arctic gas, oil and coal even as energy shortages rock countries and companies across the world, according to a draft new bloc strategy…

11 10 2021 | 15:30

Greening measures will add around 8% to airline costs, EU estimates

Environmental regulations aimed at cutting the carbon footprint of aviation will increase the cost of flying by around 8% by 2050, according to the European Commission. The EU executive tabled a…

11 10 2021 | 14:36

Halt destruction of nature or risk ‘dead planet’, leading businesses warn

Exclusive: executives demand meaningful action to protect ecosystems as UN biodiversity summit opens. World leaders must do more to prevent the destruction of nature, business leaders have warned…

11 10 2021 | 14:23

Clean environment is a human right, UN council agrees

Human rights council also appoints special rapporteur to monitor impact of climate crisis on rights. The UN’s main human rights body has overwhelmingly voted to recognise the right to a safe, clean…