Spreading the message on onshore wind: new WindEurope infographic

07 09 2020 | 11:06

We all know about the huge expansion of offshore wind envisaged in Europe. And that's great.But the EU wants onshore wind to grow even more. 

They want offshore to grow from 23 GW today to up to 450 GW by 2050. And onshore from 174 GW to up to 750 GW. Add in the fact that most of today's onshore won't be around in 2050, and that's over 700 GW of new onshore in the next 30 years. That's 23 GW a year on average.

Last year we installed 12 GW of new onshore wind in Europe, the year before that 9 GW.

So something's got to change. Governments need to be more ambitious on onshore. They need to simplify the permitting. Facilitate repowering. And plan where they can put the new build.

Some governments worry about public opinion. We say look at the polls: over 70%consistently support more onshore wind. And crucially, look at the benefits: local jobs, revenue for the town hall and community, cheap energy, clean air and more.

But it’s amazing how few people know about these benefits. So we’ve produced this new infographic to tell the story. It spells out the arguments one by one. It sets out the key facts and figures. It dispels myths. It will help us convince people. Please use it.

And if you want glossy hard copies let us know!









2 September 2020