Scientists and comedians join forces to get climate crisis message across

18 05 2024 | 08:15Jeremy Plester

Scientists can struggle to get their message across about the climate crisis to the wider public, so now comedians have been brought in to help cut through the science jargon and get widespread attention. In a series of videos, titled Climate Science Translated, scientists are paired up with various comedians who express climate science in down-to-earth language that pulls no punches.

In one of the videos, Prof Mark Maslin, of University College London, explains: “The climate crisis is progressing faster much faster than anticipated.” This is translated by the comedian Jo Brand as: “We’re still going to hell, but we’re getting there faster.”

Maslin says: “Solar and wind power are now over 10 times cheaper than oil and gas. We can still prevent much of the damage and end up in a better place for everyone.” Brand responds: “With wind and sun power we save money and don’t die. It’s a pretty strong selling point.”

As climate scientists are largely anonymous to the public, it is hoped that with the help of comedians they can get their message out more widely. So far, the video with Brand has been viewed more than 3m times, received mainstream attention and has been retweeted by a number of celebrities.