Save 25% on our satellite-based solar data service.

15 05 2020 | 07:41

Looking to increase the accuracy of your solar data

At 3E we use cutting-edge correction algorithms for providing satellite-based irradiance data, enabling our customers to develop bankable project proposals and detect performance deviations faster.

The excellent quality of our datasets has been confirmed by third-party validation such as TÜV Rheinland and leading industry players are already trusting us. By choosing for 3E's solar data services, you rely on the same high-resolution data as our own performance monitoring software SynaptiQ, to which over 6 GW of solar assets is connected today.

... at competitive price?

While guaranteeing top-quality solar irradiation data, 3E's Data Services remain fully price-competitive. Whether you just need some data for validation purposes or a yearly subscription, we offer the most flexible price structure on the market. We invite you to get in touch for a tailored quote!

Test 3E's data quality by yourself

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11 May 2020