ProtoAtlantic puts marine tech to the test.

05 06 2019 | 08:38

The ProtoAtlantic initiative has selected 10 international start-ups to test a variety of maritime technologies, including renewables, at several sites in Europe as part of the fast tracked product development phase of the project.

Testing will start this year and run through until October 2020 at the following sites: European Marine Energy Centre in Scotland; Lir National Ocean Test Facility, MaREI Centre in Ireland; Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science in Portugal; and Marine Park in Spain.

The selected developers are ARQ Asset Solutions, SealSpear Technologies, Impact9 Energy and Marine and Exceedence from Ireland, Italy's Fazzini Meccanica, OCEOMIC, Marine Bio and Technology and Subsea Mechnatronics from Spain, Pure Marine Gen from Northern Ireland, the UK's Sea Wave Energy and A Silva Matos Metalomecanica from Portugal.

ProtoAtlantic, which is coordinated by Innovalia Association as lead partner, is funded by Interreg Atlantic Area and aims to develop and validate a model for the prototyping and exploitation of innovative ideas in the maritime sector.

EMEC Performance Test Engineer and Fast Tracked Product Development lead Myles Heward said: “We were delighted with the variety and quality of innovative marine start-ups applying to the Fast Tracked Product Development phase of the programme, all of which were keen to utilise the facilities and expertise offered by the project partners.

“We are looking forward to supporting the developers as they progress with the testing of their technology, ultimately progressing their TRL level moving them a step closer to commercial roll out.”




27 May 2019