PARIS REINFORCE - February 2021

02 03 2021 | 10:00

From consultation toward co-production

In recent decades, co-production has become a cornerstone both in science and policy-making, motivating further collaboration between different actors. In their new review in Energy Research & Social Science, Ester Galende-Sánchez and Alevgul Sorman argue that there is a crucial need for a better interconnection between science and policy (especially at national and international scales) and that a reflection on transformation is fundamental when planning any participatory initiative. They also claim that, despite not being a silver bullet, meaningful citizen participation constitutes a viable alternative to tackle today's complex problems.


This need is also argued by Haris Doukas and Alexandros Nikas, in their letter to Nature, arguing that promises to engage the public in inclusive and transparent dialogue are all very well, but modelling teams must now put these ideas into practice.


Decarbonisation in the Central Asian and Caspian region: the second of a series of workshops


On December 9, 2020, the PARIS REINFORCE project held its virtual workshop focusing upon the Central Asian and Caspian region. This was with the purpose of allowing modelling teams to develop stakeholder-driven modelling scenarios, and co-creating some of the core assumptions being fed into models (more information here). On March 2, 2021, PARIS REINFORCE will be holding its second workshop in the region, aiming to present modelling updates following the first stakeholder interactions, and engage with stakeholders in an open discussion format.


Climate Crisis for Beginners

PARIS REINFORCE member, Dr. Ajay Gambhir, has contributed as an expert advisor to a new, hopefully influential book on climate change for young audiences (age 10+), aiming to explain, in simple language and with clear illustrations, what the climate is, and how it is changing very rapidly at the moment, and the effects this is having on our planet. Along the way, the book also talks about what individuals can do, including tips on how to keep a clear head and not get overwhelmed by bad news.

New PARIS REINFORCE Scientific Publications

Four more scientific publications were made available since November 2020!

Visit the scientific publications section of our website and explore them.

  • Doukas, H., & Nikas, A. (2021). Involve citizens in climate-policy modelling. Nature, 590(7846), 389 (link).
  • Galende-Sánchez, E., & Sorman, A. H. (2021). From consultation toward co-production in science and policy: A critical systematic review of participatory climate and energy initiatives. Energy Research & Social Science, 73, 101907 (link).
  • Johansson, D. J., Azar, C., Lehtveer, M., & Peters, G. P. (2020). The role of negative carbon emissions in reaching the Paris climate targets: The impact of target formulation in integrated assessment models. Environmental Research Letters, 15(12), 124024 (link).
  • Yang, X., Pang, J., Teng, F., Gong, R., & Springer, C. (2021). The environmental co-benefit and economic impact of China's low-carbon pathways: Evidence from linking bottom-up and top-down models. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews136, 110438 (link).



26 February 2021


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