Letter to President Gustavo Petro and Vice-President Francia Marquez and the incoming Colombian Congress from Parliamentarians Globally

17 08 2022 | 16:44

Dear President-elect Gustavo Petro, Vice President-elect Francia Márquez and Congress of the Republic of Colombia,

We write as legislators representing millions of people from every continent on Earth to offer our congratulations on your recent electoral victory in Colombia.

We are also signatories of the Parliamentarians’ Call for a Fossil Fuel Free Future, a network of parliamentarians committed to working towards a fossil fuel free future for all our peoples.

Your proposals on confronting the climate crisis, working for climate justice, and delivering a planned, gradual, and just transition from fossil fuel extraction are a welcomed example of the kind of leadership the world needs today.

Ending new exploration for fossil fuels, planning for an equitable phase down of production, developing a just transition, and ensuring global cooperation, agreements, and support is in place to make these policies a reality is what unites us.

We understand that governing and delivering on our programs once elected is always a difficult task, so we wish you, the President-elect and Vice-President-elect, as well as the new Congress of the Republic all the best. We stand ready to support you - as well as hundreds of civil society leaders, scientists and academics - and Colombia in this new phase of Colombia’s leadership toward a fossil fuel free future.