GREENPEACE AFRICA: Nairobi volunteer reflects on Kenya’s plastic problem.

27 09 2020 | 09:23

“As a young child, I remember I was baptised in a river, very clean and fresh, nothing to worry about. Right now, I cannot even imagine dipping my feet in the water. So much has changed since then; plastic pollution is rife.


Ask the Kenyan government to keep the plastic ban in place 



Despite the ban, plastics continue being a huge part of our lives; packaging, bottling, you name it all! And while there is a slight reduction in the number of plastic bags that find their way into rivers, single-use plastic bottles have been quite the accessory of water bodies, drainage systems and landfills. They are disposed of, left laying down begging for attention; yet the only action they might get is being kicked when it comes across someone’s way.” Continue reading our volunteer blog.


Janet Chemitei is a Kenyan Greenpeace Africa volunteer and former Miss Environment Kenya Elgeyo Marakwet.


To a plastic-free future,


The Greenpeace Africa Team




19 September 2020