Are you committed to become a green island?

26 12 2019 | 12:02

Take part in the GTI Observatory Global Index to measure how green is your island and know how to improve your scores

The GTI Observatory Global Index measures and evaluates the progress of islands around the world on their way to a become greener, assessing the status on energy, water, mobility, waste and the environment.

GTI Observatory is grouping islands with similar needs to support replication of best practices, economy of scale, financing, as well as the union of forces for shared goals also in terms of legislation and policy.


The GTI drop system is used to highlight and rank the sustainability score of islands. Islands are evaluated on the basis of a set of sustainable objective criteria and evaluated by a panel of independent experts.
*Promoting your island as a green destination is one of the benefits of taking part in the GTI Observatory Global Index.

There are two kinds of GTI Observatoy Island Memberships:

Island Membership: mainly connected with the GTI Observatory Global Index, colleting and processing data of the island to be ranked by the GTI specialists and receive a short feedback and recomendations on how to improve the scores. 3 months trial free of a dedicated help desk for general information on the most suitable technologies and solutions for the islands in the sectors of water, energy, mobility, waste and environment.

Green Island Membership: in addition to all Island Membership benefits, it includes a deep dive into the status of the island on the areas involved in the GTI Observatory as specified above by specialized professionals. It involves: identification of innovative solutions; benchmarking with the other selected islands; finance opportunities: private investors or public funds (EU, World Bank, etc.); recommendations of actions for the local population and enterprises; promotion of the island as a green destination for a tourism oriented to sustainability.

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Since 2018, GTI Observatory has been running a deep dive into islands status and needs, facilitating the origination of projects through meetings in each island members of the GTI Observatory, hosted by Islands' Governments, involving all key local stakeholderscorporate and industry associations members. We have organised meetings in Minorca (Spain),Roma (Italy), Helgoland (Germany), Crete (Greece), Favignana (Italy) and Palermo (Italy).

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*Greening the Islands is an innovative organization that supports the self-sufficiency and sustainability of islands worldwide. We match needs with solutions enabling cooperation between local authorities, business, citizens and academia.




    17 December 2019