AlphaESS Safeguards You From Load-Shedding And Blackouts / 4 - 6 November 2020

01 10 2020 | 15:39

AlphaESS STORION-T50/100 : pain killers of load-shedding in South Africa

As the phenomenon of load-shedding keeps playing the role of villain, it stands in the way of development for factories, hospitals, schools and many other main infrastructures of production and economy.

AlphaESS is now promoting its mature products and solutions to free people from the limitation of electricity usage. T50/100 functions as the back-up for the necessity of production and daily life; furthermore, they can be stand-alone systems to establish mini-grids, which 'light up' villages where the grid cannot reach.

And AlphaESS SMILE series are still loyal guardians for South African families. The SMILE can easily be put on the faces by contacting our partners: SegenKathea EnergySolarworldMidnight Sun  and Solec.






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1 October 2020

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