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20 04 2023 | 12:51

Alarming levels of PFAS in Norwegian Arctic ice pose new risk to wildlife

Norwegian Arctic ice is contaminated with alarming levels of toxic PFAS, and the chemicals may represent a major environmental stressor to the region’s wildlife, new research finds.

24 09 2022 | 15:32

Forever chemicals’ detected in all umbilical cord blood in 40 studies

Studies collectively examined nearly 30,000 samples over the past five years in ‘disturbing’ findings Toxic PFAS chemicals were detected in every umbilical cord blood sample across 40 studies…

21 12 2021 | 08:48

PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ constantly cycle through ground, air and water, study finds

The Stockholm University study highlights the chemicals’ mobility, which has been found in penguin eggs and polar bears Toxic PFAS “forever chemicals” in the ocean are transported from seawater to…

13 12 2021 | 06:11

Hold the beef: McDonald’s avoids the bold step it must take to cut emissions

The company has announced big sustainability initiatives – but absent are the menu changes needed to significantly reduce beef production