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06 07 2021 | 14:00

World Bank: Protecting nature could avert global economic losses of $2.7 Trillion per year

A new World Bank report has estimated that the collapse of select ecosystem services provided by nature could result in a decline in global GDP of $2.7 trillion annually by 2030.

18 06 2021 | 11:31

Burberry pledges to be climate positive by 2040.

Burberry has announced its pledge to become Climate Positive by 2040, setting a new industry standard that goes further than the company’s current 2040 net-zero target. To achieve this, Burberry…

08 03 2020 | 10:10

Carbon Brief: UK carbon emissions have fallen by 29% in last decade.

New data from Carbon Brief has found that UK carbon emissions have dropped by 29 per cent in the last decade. In 2019, Carbon Brief found that the UK’s CO2 emissions fell by 2.9%, bringing the total…

05 03 2020 | 07:20

M&S expands sustainable refill trial.

Marks and Spencer announce it will be expanding the ‘Fill Your Own’ sustainability trial after increase of sales on refillable groceries. M&S Food’s first Fill Your Own trial was launched in mid…

05 03 2020 | 07:17

JPMorgan Chase expands sustainability commitment as they put end to Arctic oil financing.

JPMorgan Chase has expanded its sustainability commitment with a new announcement that they will end Arctic oil financing. In 2017, JPMorgan Chase made two sustainability commitments: facilitate $…

05 03 2020 | 06:51

MINI joins forces with OVO Energy to offer customers free miles.

MINI has teamed up with OVO Energy to encourage customers to go green. MINI has announced a partnership with OVO Energy, providing an offer of 5,000 free miles to new MINI Electric owners in the UK…

05 03 2020 | 06:37

National Express sets out zero-emission vision for 2030.

National Express has set out a new vision to showcase how they will operate as net-zero by 2030. The coach operator has announced plans to be net zero by 2030. The company say environmental targets…

20 02 2020 | 07:01

Delta Air Lines invests $1 billion in cutting carbon emissions.

Delta will commit $1 billion over the next ten years to mitigate all emissions from its global businesses going forward. From March 2020, the airline will invest in driving innovation, advancing…

13 02 2020 | 06:52

Moixa team up with Alfen to demonstrate how AI could ‘revolutionise’ home EV charging.

Moixa has teamed up with energy solution specialist Alfen to launch a new EV charging partnership. Moixa, the developer of smart software for domestic battery and electric vehicle charging, and…

13 02 2020 | 06:26

Research finds Antarctic penguin colonies declining due to climate change.

Research carried out by Greenpeace has found that chinstrap penguin colonies in the Antarctic have declined by as much as 77% in the last 50 years. Scientists surveying chinstrap penguin colonies…

13 02 2020 | 06:03

UK Government announces £5bn boost for greener transport.

Bus services across the country will be transformed with simpler fares, thousands of new buses, improved routes and higher frequencies. The Prime Minister has announced £5 billion of new funding to…