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09 12 2023 | 00:56

A knife-edge quest: Lord of the Rings resonates at Cop28 climate summit

Back in the 1960s, no self-respecting hippy would be seen dead without a well-thumbed copy of the Lord of the Rings. Along with a copy of Sgt Pepper and the Tibetan Book of the Dead, it came to…

16 08 2023 | 14:44

We bailed out the banks but we’re not prepared to bail out the planet

Like many other politicians, Joe Biden talks a good game about the need to tackle global heating. Climate change is an “existential threat”, the US president said last week, as America sizzled amid…

05 07 2023 | 09:25

The west has broken its promises to developing countries – and we’re all paying the price

Broken promises, missed opportunities and a failure to see the bigger picture: that’s the story of the west’s approach to developing countries in recent years. Money to help with climate breakdown…

20 01 2023 | 07:59

UN head accuses fossil fuel firms of business models ‘inconsistent with human survival’

Criticism at Davos for big companies that, ‘like the tobacco industry’, ride roughshod over their own science The head of the United Nations has accused the world’s biggest fossil fuel companies of…