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01 04 2021 | 09:41

Running Hot: Accelerating Europe’s Path to Paris.

Oliver Wyman’s latest research with CDP Europe analyses data from nearly 1,000 of the largest companies in Europe, worth around 80% of the region's market capitalization. It looks at the progress…

12 03 2021 | 14:55

Fact-Check: will 2°C of global warming trigger rapid runaway feedbacks?

Claim: Once global warming reaches 2°C (which we’ve nearly reached already, but scientists are downplaying it), positive feedback loops and tipping points will trigger rapid runaway warming and…

16 02 2021 | 09:48

Solar geoengineering: Could reflecting away the sun’s rays help to tackle global heating?

As the climate crisis escalates, some have called for more research into technologies that could reflect away the sun’s rays in order to limit temperature rise. Daisy Dunne looks at the technical,…

03 02 2021 | 08:41

'I wrapped myself in a damp towel': Sydneysiders risk health inside hot homes

Some Sydney residents are living in homes with room temperatures nudging 40 degrees, as climate change raises temperatures and fear of big energy bills stops people from cooling down. A study of…

20 01 2021 | 10:11

Wandering polar vortex may cause a wild, snowy winter.

Snowier, colder weather may be heading to the Eastern U.S. High above the North Pole, the polar vortex, a fast-spinning whirl of frigid air, is doing a weird shimmy that may soon bring cold and…

20 01 2021 | 07:48

Climate crisis: record ocean heat in 2020 supercharged extreme weather

Scientists say temperatures likely to be increasing faster than at any time in past 2,000 years. The world’s oceans reached their hottest level in recorded history in 2020, supercharging the extreme…

12 01 2021 | 08:41

Climate crisis: 2020 was joint hottest year ever recorded.

Global heating continued unabated despite Covid lockdowns, with record Arctic wildfires and Atlantic tropical storms.

11 01 2021 | 14:40

Last decade hottest on record for Australia with temperature almost 1C above average.

Maximum and minimum temperatures were above average for all states and territories, Bureau of Meteorology says The last decade was the hottest on record for Australia with the temperature almost 1C…

11 01 2021 | 14:02

Global Grasslands Now Contribute to Climate Warming, Study Finds.

Grasslands play a critical role in carbon sequestration. But a recent study found human activity is causing grasslands to become a source of greenhouse gas emissions.

10 01 2021 | 11:05

More Than Two Degrees of Climate Warming Is Already Locked In, New Study Finds.

Existing greenhouse gases will eventually push the climate into more than two degrees of warming, according to a study published in Nature Climate Change on Monday.

10 01 2021 | 10:54

Global heating could stabilize if net zero emissions achieved, scientists say.

Climate disaster could be curtailed within a couple of decades if net zero emissions are reached, new study shows. The world may be barreling towards climate disaster but rapidly eliminating planet-…

03 01 2021 | 08:55

Biden must be our 'climate president'. He can start by ending pipeline projects

There is no way to mine fossil fuels without driving the planet past 1.5C of warming and putting Indigenous communities at risk. As we prepare to turn the page on 2020, and inaugurate Joe Biden as…

27 12 2020 | 07:00

2021 forecast to be one of Earth’s hottest years despite La Niña, says Met Office.

Forecast suggests 2021 is likely to be the seventh successive year where global temperatures are around 1C or more above pre-industrial levels The year 2021 is likely to be one of the hottest on…

23 12 2020 | 12:45

2021 Global Climate Forecast: Slightly Less Hot Than 2020.

2021 is forecasted to be slightly colder worldwide than years previous, according to meteorologists at the United Kingdom Meteorological Office, but will still be one the hottest on record due to…

20 12 2020 | 07:44

Climate Pragmatics: How to Make the Climate Great Again.

With 2020 ranking among the three hottest years on record, the climate has dominated announcements in recent months, from the US elections to European stimulus plans to the big oil companies’ carbon…

17 12 2020 | 12:25

Climate crisis sends temperatures soaring in Lapland.

Traditional way of life under threat in vast area straddling the Arctic Circle.

16 12 2020 | 12:56

Earth may be even closer to 1.5°C of global warming than we thought.

Earth may be even closer to 1.5°C of global warming than we thought      

13 12 2020 | 06:51

Australia's record spring heat one-in-500,000 without climate change: analysis.

This year’s spring temperatures would be ‘virtually impossible’ without human greenhouse emissions, according to new report. Australia’s hottest spring on record, which saw temperatures more than 2C…

11 12 2020 | 13:13

Greenhouse gas emissions transforming the Arctic into 'an entirely different climate.

Warmest temperatures since 1900 have all occurred within the past seven years, according to Noaa’s annual Arctic report card. The Arctic’s rapid transformation into a less frozen, hotter and…

09 12 2020 | 12:17

Toasty November means 2020 might nudge out 2016 as hottest year on record.

Global temperatures soared last month, making this November the hottest ever recorded, according to a new report.  Unless temperatures dip dramatically in December, 2020 could potentially overtake…