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18 10 2021 | 09:10

A US small-town mayor sued the oil industry. Then Exxon went after him

The mayor of Imperial Beach, California, says big oil wants him to drop the lawsuit demanding the industry pay for the climate crisis Serge Dedina is a surfer, environmentalist and mayor of Imperial…

11 10 2021 | 12:55

Watchdog: European banks beginning to drop oil and gas clients

European banks are beginning to drop clients that pose a climate risk rather than face the possibility of higher capital requirements, according to the watchdog overseeing the development.  Banks…

28 09 2021 | 13:48

Adapt to Survive: Why oil companies must plan for net zero and avoid stranded assets

Committing to net zero is not enough – the emissions reduction pathway is critical. Carbon Tracker’s fifth annual analysis of the risk of investing in oil and gas producers – warns investors that…

24 09 2021 | 14:32

How the Biden administration could create jobs for oil and gas workers

The president has pledged to put people to work plugging abandoned oil and gas wells. An oil or gas well can keep releasing pollution long after it’s retired from use. “When an oil and gas company…

17 09 2021 | 15:19

1600 Oils and Gas Wells Could Close as LA County Votes to End Drilling

Some 1,600 oil and gas drilling sites, many of them still active, may be on track to close after the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted 5-0 Wednesday to end new fossil drilling.

16 09 2021 | 12:52

Lawsuit challenges Biden plan to sell oil and gas leases in Gulf of Mexico

Planet cannot handle more stress from oil and gas production’  Announcement came as Gulf states battered by Hurricane Ida Outrage and at least one lawsuit has followed the Joe Biden administration’…

16 09 2021 | 12:51

Without help for oil-producing countries, net zero by 2050 is a distant dream

To meet climate targets and avoid economic collapse, countries such as Iraq need international support in the transition to clean energy  Ali Allawi is deputy prime minister and finance minister of…

03 09 2021 | 14:42

‘Biden may as well personally light more wildfires’: Backlash after White House calls for more oil production

UN’s authoritative climate report, published on Monday, urges drastic emissions cuts which means dialing back rapidly on use of fossil fuels The Biden administration is being slammed by both…

03 09 2021 | 13:28

Cambo oilfield work postponed until next year after activists stage protest

Greenpeace activists in kayaks confront ship preparing construction kit for project. Preparation work for the controversial Cambo oil field project has been postponed after protests from activists…

03 09 2021 | 13:06

‘Abolish these companies, get rid of them’: what would it take to break up big oil?

Communities on the frontline of the climate crisis say radical solutions must be on the table – before it’s too late Ayisha Siddiqa doesn’t want fossil fuel companies to determine her future anymore…

27 08 2021 | 12:22

Santos sued by shareholders over fossil expansion despite claims

A shareholder activist group is taking Australian oil company Santos to court over its claims it produces “clean fuel” and plans to reach net zero emissions by 2040. Papers were filed against Santos…

26 08 2021 | 07:54

Controversial ExxonMobil Guyana project faces potential safety disaster

ExxonMobil’s huge new Guyana project faces charges of a disregard for safety from experts who claim the company has failed to adequately prepare for possible disaster, the Guardian and Floodlight…

26 08 2021 | 07:41

Muhammadu Buhari signs law in Nigeria to reform oil sector

The bill was first presented to parliament in 2008 and is aimed at removing legal and regulatory uncertainty that has held back industry growth Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari signed into law…

26 08 2021 | 07:04

Big oil coined ‘carbon footprints’ to blame us for their greed. Keep them on the hook

Climate-conscious individual choices are good – but not nearly enough to save the planet. More than personal virtue, we need collective action.

24 08 2021 | 15:49

Unused Tools: How Central Banks are Fueling the Climate Crisis

Oil Change International August 2021 In collaboration with 350.org, Alliance Climatique Suisse, BankTrack, Campax, CIEL, Democracy Collaborative, E3G, Earthworks, Environmental Defense, Fossil Free…

23 08 2021 | 12:50

Judge throws out Trump-era approvals for oil project in Alaska

A federal judge on Wednesday threw out Trump administration approvals for a large planned oil project on Alaska’s North Slope, saying the federal review was flawed and didn't include mitigation…

23 08 2021 | 12:37

ExxonMobil begins selling off U.S. shale gas properties to raise money

Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM.N) has begun marketing U.S. shale gas properties as it ramps up a long-stalled program that aims to raise billions of dollars to shed unwanted assets and reduce debt taken on…

03 08 2021 | 04:39

‘We have to pay the price’: Oslo’s plan to turn oil wealth into climate leadership

The mayor of the Norwegian capital argues that the ‘moral’ duty to cut emissions from burning waste can be met by carbon capture The city of Oslo was built on wealth generated by the North Sea,…

30 07 2021 | 11:19

Outrage as Italy faces multimillion pound damages to UK oil firm.

Secretive tribunals allow fossil fuel companies to sue governments for passing laws to protect environment. Italy could be forced to pay millions of pounds in damages to a UK oil company after…

30 07 2021 | 10:52

ExxonMobil contract leaves Guyana out of oil gains

A loophole allows ExxonMobil consortium to reduce profits to Guyana for oil discoveries that may never be developed July 29, 2021 (IEEFA) ─ In a deal with ExxonMobil, Hess and China National…