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16 10 2021 | 11:21

McDonald’s UK and Ireland announces commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2040

McDonalds’s UK and Ireland launches its comprehensive business and sustainability strategy, Plan for Change programme, focusing on the Planet, People, Restaurants and Food. One initiative includes…

11 04 2020 | 14:54

The Age of Stupid film premiere.

“What I don’t understand is where does everybody else get their apathy from?” Franny Armstrong is out to change the minds of 250 million people... This evening a film that began life as a low budget…

23 03 2020 | 06:47

McDonald’s goes green by ditching plastic in Happy Meal toys.

The fast-food chain expects to remove over 3,000 metric tons of plastic from the business from 2021 by abolishing plastic happy meal toys. Fast-food restaurant chain McDonald’s has announced it will…

03 02 2020 | 11:04

McDonalds join forces with Ford for a double shot of sustainability.

Together McDonalds and Ford Motor Company are changing the way companies manage waste and approach sustainability.  McDonalds and Ford Motor Company are joining forces for a new sustainability…

16 11 2019 | 14:05

McDonald’s unveils new innovative packaging and recycling solutions.

McDonald’s has unveiled innovative packaging solutions to tackle plastic pollution under their new scheme ‘Better M’. Today, McDonald’s announced a wide-ranging programme to remove and minimise…