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03 04 2021 | 07:09

Top-secret Cold War military project found perfectly preserved fossil plants under Greenland ice.

Frozen soil held plant fragments that may be a million years old. Frozen soil that was collected in Greenland during the Cold War by a secret military operation hid another secret: buried fossils…

22 02 2021 | 14:55

Power outages across the Plains: 4 questions answered about weather-driven blackouts.

1. The Plains states have a lot of wild weather. Why is this cold wave such a problem for utilities? The central U.S. has freezes, heat waves, windstorms, droughts and floods. All of these events…

21 02 2021 | 08:08

World's largest iceberg disintegrates into 'alphabet soup,' NASA photo shows.

Once the size of Delaware, iceberg A-68a is now a broken puzzle of ice. The ocean north of Antarctica has turned into an "alphabet soup" of broken icebergs, according to a new blog post on NASA's …

09 02 2021 | 10:00

Thawing Permafrost Is Full of Ice-Forming Particles That Could Get Into Atmosphere.

The Big Idea Permafrost – frozen soil in the far north – is thawing, releasing greenhouse gases and long-lost microbes.

29 01 2021 | 09:15

World’s Ice Is Melting 65 Percent Faster Than in 1990s.

A first-of-its-kind study has examined the satellite record to see how the climate crisis is impacting all of the planet's ice. The answer? Quite a lot. The rate of worldwide ice loss has increased…

29 01 2021 | 09:11

Global Ice Melt Matches Worst-Case Climate Scenario, Study Says

The first global ice-loss survey using satellite data showed ice is disappearing faster in Antarctica and Greenland. Melting on the ice sheets has accelerated so much over the past three decades…

20 01 2021 | 10:59

A-68A iceberg thinning at 2.5 cm per day.

Latest images reveal that the A-68A iceberg has shattered into multiple pieces, with two large fragments of ice breaking off from the main berg and floating away in the open ocean. Scientists using…

27 12 2020 | 07:26

The world's largest iceberg has just broken in two.

The new iceberg is the size of a small city. The main iceberg is the size of a state. The world's largest iceberg has just broken in two, with a chunk of ice about the size of Queens and the Bronx…

20 12 2020 | 08:14

Long-term permafrost record details Arctic thaw.

Covering 18 million sq km, northern hemisphere permafrost areas have been warming since the 1980s, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s latest report on oceans and cryosphere.

25 11 2020 | 07:14

Microplastic pollution found near summit of Mount Everest.

Humans now known to have polluted Earth from deepest ocean to highest peak. Microplastic pollution has been discovered in snow close to the peak of Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain. With…

02 11 2020 | 07:22

Arctic review – stark eco warnings from the ice-braving hunters who battled whales.

British Museum, London From sleds made of bones to supernatural sealskin hunting suits, this stirring show celebrates the heroism and ingenuity of humans who survive in balance with nature

07 08 2020 | 09:15

Two Canadian ice caps have completely vanished from the Arctic, NASA imagery shows

Scientists gave the caps 5 years to live in a 2017 study. Climate change killed them in record time. On frosty Ellesmere Island, where Arctic Canada butts up against the northwestern edge of…

23 07 2020 | 19:36

Mont Blanc melting glacier yields Indian newspapers from 1966 plane crash.

Receding French ice leaves behind newspapers proclaiming Indira Gandhi’s rise to become PM. Copies of Indian newspapers onboard an Air India jet that crashed into Mont Blanc in the 1960s have been…

07 07 2020 | 08:14

Algae turns Italian Alps pink, prompting concerns over melting.

Pink snow observed on parts of the Presena glacier believed to be caused by plant that makes the ice darker, causing it to melt faster. Scientists in Italy are investigating the mysterious…

15 06 2020 | 07:51

The sounds of melting icebergs and whale songs: a journey into Antarctica.

The effects of global heating are in evidence everywhere across the islands of Antarctica – from penguin colonies to melting glaciers. The Guardian’s global environment editor Jonathan Watts…

25 05 2020 | 21:53

Meet the Experts: Isolation in Antarctica.

Cold, dark, remote, Antarctica is as close to space as you can get on Earth. Humans conduct research in Antarctic bases on a wide range of topics, from climate studies and astronomy to glaciology and…

11 05 2020 | 07:00

New satellite maps show dire state of ice melt in Antarctica and Greenland.

The world's largest glaciers are losing ice far faster than they can replenish it.

07 05 2020 | 07:35

NASA: Ice Sheets

Data from NASA's GRACE and GRACE Follow-On satellites show that the land ice sheets in both Antarctica (upper chart) and Greenland (lower chart) have been losing mass since 2002. The GRACE mission…

27 04 2020 | 06:55

Microplastics found for first time in Antarctic ice where krill source food.

Researchers at University of Tasmania find 14 different kinds of plastic smaller than 5mm in an ice core from 2009. Small pieces of plastic have been detected in sea ice in Antarctica for what…

27 04 2020 | 06:22

Ice-free Arctic summers now very likely even with climate action.

Scientists surprised by latest results but say carbon cuts remain vital to prevent ice loss becoming permanent. The loss of summer sea ice in the Arctic is now very likely before 2050, new research…