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24 05 2020 | 09:23

Coal industry will never recover after coronavirus pandemic, say experts.

Crisis has proved renewable energy is now a safer investment, and accelerated the shift. The global coal industry will “never recover” from the Covid-19 pandemic, industry observers predict, because…

14 05 2020 | 07:03

China Is Virtually Alone in Backing Africa’s Coal Projects.

The country’s involvement in coal is isolating it further from the rest of the world. For more than two decades, Zimbabwe has been trying to break ground on a giant coal-power complex by the world’s…

11 05 2020 | 07:45

Coal Loses Backing From Another Big Bank.

Financing a thermal coal project in Australia just got a little bit harder after Westpac Banking Corp. said it would exit the sector by 2030, leaving Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd. as…

11 05 2020 | 07:03

Chinese coal projects continue as existing power plants stand idle.

Cancellation of huge BRI coal plant highlights overcapacity risk in Pakistan and Bangladesh The 6.6 gigawatt Hamrawein coal power proposal in Egypt has been shelved because of over-capacity concerns…

30 04 2020 | 15:47

Take A Look at Power China 2020 Advance!

Power China 2020 will attract an estimated 350+ preeminent brands this August 16th-18th at China Import & Export Fair Complex. This April alone, more than 50 new exhibitors have signed up for the…

22 04 2020 | 07:30

Power China 2020, an unique and perfect opportunity to get in touch with China's power supply market! (16-18 August 2020)

  The 10th Asia-Pacific Power Product and Technology Exhibition (Power China 2020) Date: August 16th-18th, 2020 Venue: China Import & Export Fair Complex Website:…

13 04 2020 | 07:44

Nearly half of global coal plants will be unprofitable this year: Carbon Tracker.

LONDON (Reuters) - China and other countries could be planning to build more coal plants to stimulate their economies in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic but nearly half of global coal…

09 04 2020 | 10:43

COVID-19 could slash emissions 5%, but permanent cuts depend on structural change.

The COVID-19 pandemic could cut global greenhouse gas emissions by 5% this year, producing the deepest reduction since the end of the Second World War. But analysts warn the advantage could be “…

09 04 2020 | 10:35

Coronavirus could trigger biggest fall in carbon emissions since World War Two.

LONDON/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Carbon dioxide emissions could fall by the largest amount since World War Two this year as the coronavirus outbreak brings economies to a virtual standstill, according…

09 04 2020 | 10:16

The oil industry saw its opening and moved with breathtaking speed to take advantage of this moment.

Coal is now a loser around the world. There has been no more dramatic story in the world of energy over the last 20 years than the rise and fall of coal.

08 04 2020 | 11:23

Ban wildlife markets to avert pandemics, says UN biodiversity chief.

Warning comes as destruction of nature increasingly seen as key driver of zoonotic diseases. The United Nations’ biodiversity chief has called for a global ban on wildlife markets – such as the one…

29 03 2020 | 14:28

World's wind power capacity up by fifth after record year.

Offshore windfarms and onshore projects in US and China fuel one of strongest years on record. The world’s wind power capacity grew by almost a fifth in 2019 after a year of record growth for…

26 03 2020 | 09:23

What Science Has to Say About the Coronavirus — Climate Crisis Connection. A Press Review.

Understanding how Covid-19 is affecting the climate crisis is of vital importance. There are a variety of narratives emerging across global media channels, with many left wondering if the current…

23 03 2020 | 07:06

Czech PM urges EU to ditch Green Deal amid virus.

The Czech premier, whose country depends on nuclear energy and coal, said Monday (16 March) the European Union should ditch its landmark green law seeking carbon neutrality as it battles the novel…

20 03 2020 | 08:02

What is the impact of Covid-19 on the power sector?

The Covid-19 coronavirus was first identified in China’s Hubei province in December 2019 and has since become a global health threat, impacting 140 countries and triggering the World Health…

18 03 2020 | 10:02

Why China’s CO2 emissions grew less than feared in 2019.

With the novel coronavirus outbreak jamming the attention of news media and policymakers alike since mid-January, last year seems like a very long time ago.

17 03 2020 | 12:34

Air pollution likely to increase coronavirus death rate, warn experts.

The health damage inflicted on people by long-standing air pollution in cities is likely to increase the death rate from coronavirus infections, experts have said.

16 03 2020 | 20:43

Coal's Sell-By Date Just Moved Closer.

Vietnam, a key customer in the critical Southeast Asian market, is turning away from the fossil fuel. Hanoi is smudging coal’s prospects. Battered in green-minded Europe, thermal coal producers…

16 03 2020 | 20:32

What would happen if the world reacted to climate change like it’s reacting to the coronavirus?

What would a fast, coordinated, collective response to climate change look like? The coronavirus has transformed everyday life so significantly that the effects are already visible from space. In…

13 03 2020 | 08:47

Coronavirus and climate change: A tale of two crises.

Coronavirus has cut emissions faster than years of climate negotiations. Does the outbreak reveal what life might be like if we were to act seriously on climate change? Or what it might be like if we…