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29 07 2021 | 10:36

China is supporting over 50% of coal power development in largest remaining project pipelines

As finance shifts from coal, China is looking isolated as the last enabler of coal-fired power overseas. A review of coal power proposals in countries with large remaining project pipelines…

26 07 2021 | 11:02

China flooding: Heavy rainfall leaves subways inundated with water

Heavy flooding has hit central China following unusually heavy rains, with the subway system in the city of Zhengzhou inundated with rushing water. Just to the north, the famed Shaolin Temple known…

26 07 2021 | 09:14

US seeks cooperation with China on climate but not at any price

Climate envoy John Kerry has rejected notion that Beijing could buy US silence on human rights as price of cooperation on climate

24 07 2021 | 10:25

China’s Extreme Weather Warnings Avoid Talk of Climate Change.

State media often frame climate change as a global problem that China can lead in solving, not as a crisis that affects its citizens’ daily lives. As unprecedented heatwaves sweep across large parts…

21 07 2021 | 10:19

Deadly floods hit central China, killing 12 and forcing thousands to flee homes

Torrential rainfall and burst rivers swamp Henan cities, with commuters trapped in underground trains in the capital Zhengzhou Days of torrential rain and massive flooding have hit China’s Henan…

13 07 2021 | 13:00

Chinese Bank Walks Away from $3-Bilion Zimbabwe Coal Project

China’s biggest bank is stepping away from a plan to invest US$3 billion in the 2,800-megawatt Sengwa coal project in northern Zimbabwe, according to an email the bank sent to climate campaign groups…

05 07 2021 | 10:07

Heat Dome Smashing Northwest Records Began With China Rain

Heavy rain in China, an expanse of warm water stretching across the North Pacific, and kinks in the jet stream are combining to drive an unusual heat wave that will set records in the Pacific…

28 06 2021 | 15:51

IRENA and China Sign Landmark Co-operation to Address Climate Change

New MoU between IRENA and China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment promotes carbon neutrality through renewables. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 23 June 2021 – The International Renewable…

22 06 2021 | 09:40

China drives rise in coal-fired power plants as IEA warns countries must spend more on clean energy.

China makes up two-thirds of the heavily polluting power stations approved globally in 2020. China is driving a global increase in heavily polluting coal-fired power plants in an attempt to reboot…

02 06 2021 | 10:01

Chinese regulators urged to tighten rules for carbon neutral bonds.

Bond proceeds going to coal-dominated state-owned enterprises – ESG investors beware China’s carbon neutral bonds fail to restrict the use of funds to green projects and are adding to the working…

01 06 2021 | 17:20

China finances most coal plants built today – it’s a climate problem and why US-China talks are essential

As nations gear up for a critical year for climate negotiations, it’s become increasingly clear that success may hinge on one question: How soon will China end its reliance on coal and its financing…

20 05 2021 | 13:05

‘Catastrophic’: Sierra Leone sells rainforest for Chinese harbour.

Controversial deal with China would be ‘disastrous’ for fishing and protected rainforest, say opponents. A $55m (£39m) deal struck by the government of Sierra Leone with China to build an industrial…

10 05 2021 | 14:29

China’s emissions now exceed all developed countries combined.

It's a massive country with massive emissions. It’s a powerhouse for renewable energy, but it still heavily relies on coal plants. It has committed to being carbon neutral by 2060 but presented no…

04 05 2021 | 11:13

Revealed: UK solar projects using panels from firms linked to Xinjiang forced labour

Investigation finds up to 40% of UK solar farms were built using panels from leading Chinese companies. Solar projects commissioned by the Ministry of Defence, the government’s Coal Authority,…

03 05 2021 | 07:19

US and China commit to tackling climate crisis ‘with seriousness and urgency it demands’.

The world’s two biggest polluters have agreed to ramp up their ‘respective actions’ to combat the climate crisis. The United States and China have agreed to work with other countries to address the …

27 04 2021 | 17:04

PFI: Chinese banks “genuinely trying to exit coal”

The number of coal-fired power plants that still have project finance debt is greatly diminished today, whereas 15 years or so back they were all financed with non-recourse debt. Those that do have…

27 04 2021 | 09:38

Beijing skies turn yellow as sand and dust engulf Chinese capital.

The skies over Beijing turned yellow and air pollution soared to severe levels as a giant cloud of sand and dust particles rolled into the city, propelled by strong winds from the north of China. It…

13 04 2021 | 10:27

China sandstorms highlight threat of climate crisis.

Experts say extreme weather including droughts will become more common as planet heats. Recent sandstorms that shrouded Beijing in a post-apocalyptic orange haze and intensive droughts in other…

07 04 2021 | 11:58

China Experiences Worst Sandstorm in a Decade.

Beijing skies turned yellow Monday as air pollution reached hazardous levels after the worst sandstorm in a decade coincided with an industrial boom following last year's COVID lockdown.

01 04 2021 | 11:44

China’s Dirty Recovery Will Make Curbing Climate Change Tougher.

China’s economy roared back from the pandemic on a plume of greenhouse gas emissions, raising questions over how the nation will balance new growth targets with its climate change goals. Carbon…