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09 02 2021 | 09:01

Bat boxes, 'greened' streets and bug hotels: Barcelona embraces its wild side.

The spring lockdown brought butterflies and biodiversity to the Spanish city, and inspired a reimagining of its relationship with nature When Barcelona’s inhabitants emerged from a six-week lockdown…

13 12 2020 | 06:54

Cities can lead a green revolution after Covid. In Barcelona, we're showing how.

From non-polluting transport to sustainable industries, urban areas are perfect for testing radical solutions to global problems. The pandemic will leave behind a very different world from that of a…

26 11 2020 | 16:55

Barcelona launches 10-year plan to reclaim city streets from cars.

Plans include making one in three Eixample streets “green zones” and creating 21 public squares. Barcelona has launched an ambitious 10-year plan to reclaim the city’s streets from cars and cut down…

14 03 2019 | 15:52

Barcelona’s Metropolitan Area commits to a Zero Waste plan.

Spain’s second largest area just released its Zero Waste strategy plan with clear objectives for 2025. With 4.5 million inhabitants and a current 30% separate collection rate, it seems that…