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13 04 2021 | 12:22

‘Negotiating with your worst enemy’: Biden in risky talks to pay Brazil to save Amazon.

Activists fear billion-dollar climate deal will bolster Bolsonaro and reward illegal forest clearance – but US says action can’t wait The US is negotiating a multi-billion dollar climate deal with…

07 04 2021 | 11:43

Amazon Rainforest Is Probably Contributing to Climate Crisis, Study Finds.

  The Amazon rainforest likely emits more greenhouse gases than it absorbs, a first-of-its-kind study has found.  

12 03 2021 | 09:23

New EarthX Special 'Protecting the Amazon' Suggests Ways to Save the World’s Greatest Rainforest.

To save the planet, we must save the Amazon rainforest. To save the rainforest, we must save its indigenous peoples. And to do that, we must demarcate their land.

15 02 2021 | 12:23

EPA to Amazon: Stop Selling Illegal Pesticides.

For the third time in three years, the U.S. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has ordered Amazon to stop selling illegal pesticides.

03 02 2021 | 09:28

Building a green economy could stop ‘nightmare’ degradation of Amazon.

US scientist Thomas Lovejoy says the rainforest’s rich biodiversity has been undervalued compared to economic activities such as farming and mining. The Amazon will be transformed into a “highly…

02 02 2021 | 11:31

Amazon Rainforest on the Brink of Turning Into a Net Carbon Emitter, Study Warns.

Tropical forests are guardians against runaway climate change, but their ability to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is wearing down. The Amazon, which accounts for more than half of the…

10 01 2021 | 10:49

Amazon Rainforest Will Collapse by 2064, New Study Predicts.

The future of the world's largest rainforest looks bleak. A new report for Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development concluded that the Amazon rainforest will collapse and largely…

03 01 2021 | 08:29

'It's as if we've learned nothing': alarm over Amazon road project.

Memories of Brazil’s dictatorship as plan threatens biodiverse home of three indigenous communities. Brazilian activists have voiced alarm over their government’s plans to bulldoze a 94-mile highway…

20 12 2020 | 07:56

Amazon Adds 3.4GW of Renewables, Overtakes Google as Top Corporate Clean Power Buyer.

Amazon’s 26 new projects include Europe’s largest offshore corporate PPA with Ørsted. Amazon has added 3.4 gigawatts of new renewable power to its portfolio, taking its total capacity to 6.5 GW. …

05 11 2020 | 07:38

Amazon removes 'eco' badge from flushable wipes and Donald Trump toilet paper.

Environmental campaigners raise concerns over sustainability of some eco-friendly items. Disposable nappies, cotton buds , pet food and novelty Donald Trump toilet paper were among the products on…

03 11 2020 | 07:54

Nine insect-eating bird species in Amazon in sharp decline, scientists find.

Paper suggests climate crisis reducing insects in lowlands and central jungle, as fruit-eaters not affected Bird species are in decline even in the remote parts of the Amazon, far from human…

10 10 2020 | 08:28

Planetary ‘safety net’ could halt wildlife loss and slow climate breakdown.

Researchers have drawn up a blueprint of areas that need additional conservation to stem biodiversity and climate crises. World leaders are preparing to join a key summit on biodiversity being…

08 10 2020 | 10:48

Amazon near tipping point of switching from rainforest to savannah – study

Climate crisis and logging is leading to shift from canopy rainforest to open grassland. Much of the Amazon could be on the verge of losing its distinct nature and switching from a closed canopy…

30 09 2020 | 09:22

‘Apocalyptic’ fires are ravaging the world’s largest tropical wetland.

Infernos in South America’s Pantanal region have burnt twice the area of California’s fires this year. Researchers fear the rare ecosystem will never recover. When Luciana Leite arrived in the…

07 09 2020 | 09:30

Meet the 'Women Warriors' Protecting the Amazon Forest.

On an early December morning last year in the state of Maranhão, Brazil, half a dozen members of the Indigenous Guajajara people packed their bags with food, maps and drone equipment to get ready for…

04 09 2020 | 08:37

Amazon tragedy repeats itself as Brazil rainforest goes up in smoke.

The vast rainforest is experiencing a repeat of last year’s devastating fires and critics say Bolsonaro bears ultimate responsibility. Jair Bolsonaro smiles down from a propaganda billboard at the…

31 08 2020 | 08:34

Joint venture looks to invest billions in 'natural capital' projects to help combat climate change.

Founding partner says ‘investing in the resilience of nature is investing in the resilience of the economy’. A push to better recognise the economic value of “natural capital” – water systems,…

11 08 2020 | 06:53

Amazon fires rage in early August as fears of mass blazes mount.

HUMAITA, Brazil (Reuters) - Fires in the Brazilian Amazon have surged so far in August, government data on Friday showed, outstripping the same period of 2019 and renewing concerns about the…

05 08 2020 | 08:04

Miombo woodlands: ‘Forgotten’ southern African dryland forests.

Missing from the global discourse on climate change and biodiversity When Paula Whyte, a technical advisor for Tanzania-based non-governmental organization Mpingo Conservation and Development…

30 06 2020 | 09:01

Either we change or we die': the radical farming project in the Amazon

A growing movement for sustainable agriculture in Brazil has taken on new urgency with the coronavirus pandemic. The cumaru trees could have been planted elsewhere in this Amazon reserve, where they…