IRENEC 2020 : 15 -17 April 2020

28 01 2020 | 08:47

Renewable Energy Association of Turkey (EUROSOLAR Turkey) promoting energy end-use efficiency and 100% renewable energy has been organizing the International 100% Renewable Energy Conferences (IRENEC) since 2011 and will hold the 10th IRENEC conference in April 15 - 17, 2020 in Istanbul, Turkey.

The countries which are aware of the importance of transforming the existing fossil and nuclear based energy systems to future efficient and renewable energy based systems are doing research and development of intermittent and high entropy nature renewable energy sources and their related technologies. Research and development and commercialization of renewable energy technologies, smart grids, renewable energy storage, grid integration, electrical vehicles, LED lighting, renewable energy heating and cooling, renewable energy aviation, renewable energy electricity and hydrogen production and other implementations of R&D will be the main topics of the 9th International 100% Renewable Energy Conference (IRENEC 2020).

With the existing huge renewable energy resources, Turkey will be a leading country for renewable energy development and implementation. Thanks to its geographical location, Turkey has access to MENA (Middle East and Northern Africa), Southeast Europe, Iran, China, Russia and Ukraine and it is a hub of commercial activities in those regions. The companies which are already experienced in implementation and development of renewable energies as suppliers, project developers, utilities will find their partners and business opportunities at IRENEC. Turkish universities and institutes are in a position to build consortiums for applying European funds on IRENEC topics. Renewable energy integration starts from local municipalities and therefore the representation of the experience of already %100 renewable cities in IRENEC will provide conditions for cooperation among municipalities for the global transition to %100 renewable energy.

Therefore we invite all parties to consider being a part of IRENEC 2020 as a presenter, sponsor, supporter or participant. We send you attached the sponsorship file for your consideration and contribution. You can find the opportunity to promote your company's activities by being one of Support Sponsors.



28 January 2020


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