14 05 2022 | 09:39Alexandra Mitsotaki

Last year we planted the first seed of our ALPHA MISSION - ΔELOS, a mission to combine the strengths of Mythology, Art and Space Technology for the Regeneration of our Planet.

Enjoy this short film.

This year, on May 30th this collective initiative is officially starting with the European Union Youth Orchestra performing on Delos “The [uncertain] Four Seasons”. This work is an algorithmic re-composition of Vivaldi’s ‘Autumn’. Developed by composers, musicians, climate and computer scientists using geospatial climate predictions for 2050, it depicts what a future world might feel like if we do not reverse biodiversity loss by 2030.

The concert will be broadcast live by ARTE and shown οn big screens in several locations around Europe.

Commencing countdown…


Stay tuned…




Alexandra Mitsotaki

President & Co-founder

World Human Forum