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30 06 2021 | 10:12

Offshore wind clusters ‘to lower energy production’ – study

Study warns of greater impact of wake effect on wind turbines’ energy output as more offshore wind farms are built Cluster wake effects could significantly reduce the energy generated by turbines as…

14 06 2021 | 10:47

Flower power: how one company is beautifying the wind turbine.

Tulip-shaped ‘eco-art’ turbines address common complaints about noise, danger to wildlife and ugliness. Tulips and flowers could help harness the power of the wind, after a green energy company came…

09 06 2021 | 10:40

Answer regarding the article of Windpower monthly : "Are vertical-axis wind turbines really the future?"

*The answer below is written form the authors of "Numerical modelling and optimization of vertical axis wind turbine pairs: A scale up approach" Joachim Toftegaard Hansen, Mahak Mahak & Iakovos…

06 06 2021 | 07:29

Half a million new workers needed to meet global wind demand by 2025 – report

Building and maintaining wind turbines will create plenty of new jobs in the coming years, but the health and safety of employees must remain front and centre of all training, says the not-for-profit…

30 05 2021 | 16:05

May gales help Britain set record for wind power generation.

In early hours of Friday, windfarm turbines provided nearly two-thirds of Britain’s electricity. Powerful gusts of wind sweeping across Britain have helped the country reach a new all-time high for…

25 05 2021 | 13:07

Are Vertical Turbines The Future Of Offshore Wind Power?

What makes renewable energy so exciting is the immense economic potential of groundbreaking technology advancements.

07 04 2021 | 11:54

New wind farm ports in northeast will create 6,000 jobs and build ‘next generation’ of North Sea wind turbines

Multi-million-pound investment in ports on Humber and Teesside intended to support UK’s growing wind industry. The government has announced a £95m plan to build two new offshore wind ports on the…

07 04 2021 | 01:33

1,500 Wind Turbines. 2,700 Square Miles. Offshore Wind in the Atlantic Will Be Big. Really Big

American offshore wind farms, of which there are 17 in the works for the Atlantic Ocean, are no longer far off on the horizon.

03 04 2021 | 07:38

One of Europe’s most common types of bat ‘may be attracted to wind turbines’, study suggests

The activity of common pipistrelle bats was found to be around a third higher at the turbines than control locations. One of the most abundant bats in Europe may be attracted to wind turbines and…

22 03 2021 | 09:29

Good vibrations: bladeless turbines could bring wind power to your home.

Skybrators’ generate clean energy without environmental impact of large windfarms, say green pioneers. The giant windfarms that line hills and coastlines are not the only way to harness the power of…

26 02 2021 | 11:54

Wind turbine emoji application rejected, leaving climate campaigners ‘perplexed’.

*Sad face emoji* Εmojis, the concise hieroglyphs of modern life, play a growing role in our communication-dependent world, but what does one do when the required image doesn’t yet exist? The lack…

26 02 2021 | 08:21

How the Warming Arctic Helped Drive a Deep Freeze Into Texas.

The sub-zero temperatures causing blackouts across the southern U.S. are connected to climate change. The Earth’s poles are warming faster than anywhere on the planet. While the consequences of that…

17 02 2021 | 09:00

Wind turbines are freezing in Texas amid ‘unprecedented’ storm.

Frozen wind turbines have caused almost half of Texas’s wind generation capacity to go offline in the midst of an “unprecedented storm”. The Lone Star state is under a state of emergency after…

28 11 2020 | 07:15

South Korean Firm Touts Novel Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine Tower Concept.

Odin Energy is lining up projects in Italy and South Korea. Can it find a niche to compete with mainstream wind turbines? South Korean firm Odin Energy hopes to carve out a new niche with a vertical…

19 10 2020 | 08:06

RSPB warns Boris Johnson’s plan to turn UK into ‘Saudi Arabia of wind’ could put vulnerable seabirds at risk.

Installation of thousands of turbines could add to ‘cocktail of threats’ declining species such as kittiwakes already face unless farms are built in less ecologically sensitive areas, charity says.…

22 09 2020 | 11:59

World’s most powerful turbine to anchor largest offshore wind farm.

Plans to build the world’s largest offshore wind farm using the world’s most powerful turbines have been taken up a notch after GE announced its newly upgraded 13MW Haliade-X units would be used for…

15 09 2020 | 10:20

The wind turbines standing up to the world’s worst storms.

Japanese engineers are hoping to build wind turbines that can withstand the world’s worst typhoons, generating power even in the midst of a natural disaster. Mariel Robedizo Engranes was 15 when…

07 09 2020 | 11:15

Painting wind turbines black can help birds not fly into them.

The white, sleek exterior of the wind turbine definitely looks good to me. But birds probably wouldn’t agree. According to a new paper, the current design of our wind turbines makes them hard to see…

04 08 2020 | 06:56

Shell and Eneco's offshore wind farm to include floating solar and hydrogen production.

A consortium made up of Shell and Eneco is to develop an offshore wind farm that will incorporate a range of "technology demonstrations" including floating solar and hydrogen produced by electrolysis.