UN Climate Summit

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04 02 2020 | 08:54

87 Major Companies Lead the Way Towards a 1.5°C Future at UN Climate Action Summit.

UNITED NATIONS, NEW YORK,— 87 major companies — with a combined market capitalization of over US$2.3 trillion and annual direct emissions equivalent to 73 coal-fired power plants — are taking action…

17 01 2020 | 07:35

Sir David Attenborough warns of climate 'crisis moment'.

"The moment of crisis has come" in efforts to tackle climate change, Sir David Attenborough has warned. According to the renowned naturalist and broadcaster, "we have been putting things off for…

06 10 2019 | 16:57

Nine countries in Latin America make a major push for renewable energy.

Latin America has seen a promising rise in climate leadership. This week, nine countries collectively announced an ambitious goal: by 2030, renewable energy should account for at least 70% of all…

01 10 2019 | 09:59

IKEA is investing $2.8 billion in renewable energy infrastructure.

The world’s largest furniture company is determined to go off-grid, and it’s developing an affordable solar energy program to convince you to do the same. Timed for the UN Climate Action Summit in…

01 10 2019 | 09:11

World’s first dedicated climate resilience bond, for US$ 700m, is issued by EBRD.

EBRD launches first ever dedicated climate resilience bond, raising US$ 700 million Proceeds to finance investments in climate resilience projects Launch follows adoption of Climate Resilience…

25 09 2019 | 10:15

Fighting climate crisis should not be at expense of world’s poorest.

Responding to today's funding announcements  from UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the UN in New York, Dr Alison Doig, head of global policy at Christian Aid, said: ‘While we welcome the prime…

25 09 2019 | 09:24

Investors make unprecedented commitment to net zero emissions.

UN-backed asset owner alliance to drive portfolio companies to carbon neutrality by 2050 New York, 23 September, 2019 – In one of the boldest actions yet by the world’s largest investors to…

24 09 2019 | 11:59

MDBs pledge to join forces to raise annual climate finance to $175 bn by 2025.

In a statement today at the UN Secretary-General’s Climate Action Summit in New York, nine multilateral development banks (MDBs) announced plans to increase the global climate action investments they…

24 09 2019 | 11:55

In support of climate action, Cool Coalition partners announce huge push on efficient, climate-friendly cooling.

Commitments include national cooling plans, business reform and funding ●       Without action, emissions from cooling sector set to grow 90 per cent by 2050 ●       Moving to best available…

24 09 2019 | 11:53

Youth leaders vow continued pressure on governments and business for urgent action to address climate emergency at UN Youth Climate Summit.

Following massive rallies around the world for climate action, young people highlight plans to mobilize and accelerate action

24 09 2019 | 11:45

UNECE and Mayors launch Trees in Cities challenge to scale up climate action in urban areas.

Urban areas are responsible for an estimated 75% of C02 emissions worldwide, making city-level action critical for global efforts to address the climate emergency. Mayors and other key urban leaders…

24 09 2019 | 11:43

UN Climate Action Summit delivers major step up in national ambition and private sector action on pathway to key 2020 climate deadline.

As recognition mounts that time is running out, youth leaders warn:  ‘we will be watching’ New York, 23 September—Major announcements by government and private sector leaders at the United Nations…

24 09 2019 | 11:41

Video games industry levels up in fight against climate change.

New York, 23 September 2019 – Some of the biggest names in the video games industry, with a combined audience of 970 million players, have today formally committed to harness the power of their…

24 09 2019 | 11:37

130 banks holding USD 47 trillion in assets commit to climate action and sustainability.

New York, 22 September 2019 – In a massive boost for climate action and sustainability, leading banks and the United Nations today launched the Principles for Responsible Banking, with 130 banks…

24 09 2019 | 11:19

Climate Action Portal Registers 28 Transformational Initiatives Announced at Climate Action Summit.

23 September, New York – The Global Climate Action portal has captured the 28 new initiatives that are being presented today to United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres, at the Climate…

23 09 2019 | 10:00

Landmark United in Science report informs Climate Action Summit.

Science highlights key facts and figures about growing gap between targets and reality  New York, 22 September 2019- The world’s leading climate science organizations have joined forces to produce a…

19 09 2019 | 13:31

Climate Summit - CAN & CARE.


29 08 2019 | 07:45

Sustainable Development Goals fleet greets Greta Thunberg in NYC Harbor

Flotilla of 17 boats escorts climate activist arriving for United Nations Climate Action Summit   New York, 28 August 2019 --Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish climate activist and Nobel Peace…

14 08 2019 | 07:37

Greta Thunberg's zero carbon journey: 'I might feel a bit sea sick' [VIDEO]

Climate change activist Greta Thunberg will spend two weeks travelling across the North Atlantic on a boat with no toilets, kitchens or privacy. Greta, 16, has stopped flying due to environmental…

14 08 2019 | 07:25

Greta Thunberg: World leaders must prove they’ve listened to climate activists

World leaders must prove that they have listened to young climate activists after a year of protests has not led to any progress in the reduction of greenhouse emissions, leading activist Greta…