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27 10 2021 | 16:08

Paris Plans to Be Completely Cyclable by 2026

Many European cities are bike-friendly, but cars often still dominate the roads. In a new initiative to update its existing Plan Velo for a more cycle-friendly city, Paris, France is investing 250…

23 08 2021 | 12:03

French wildfires have destroyed one of the most unique biodiversity hotspots in Europe

For three days, the Massif des Maures in the south of France has burned, and along with it the Plaine des Maures nature reserve – one of the Mediterranean’s jewels of biodiversity, unique in all of…

21 05 2021 | 15:10

Paris summit mobilises finance, vaccines for Africa ‘New Deal’.

French president calls for waiving of COVID vaccine patents so Africa could begin to produce its own jabs after talks with than 20 African leaders in Paris. A Paris summit Tuesday promised to help…

11 05 2021 | 10:02

Macron Will Still Push for Environmental Protection Referendum.

French President Emmanuel Macron says he’s pushing ahead with a plan for a referendum on including a reference to environmental protection in the constitution -- although there’s little chance it…

27 04 2021 | 08:35

France just ordered 12 electric hydrogen trains.

Rail transport has traditionally been the most environmentally friendly way to travel, having far lower greenhouse gas emissions per kilometer than cars or planes. But this doesn’t mean there’s no…

26 01 2021 | 07:24

Cross-channel power link for 1m British homes opens.

Electricity cable stretches 149 miles on seafloor between UK and France. A new high-voltage subsea cable linking the UK to France has begun importing enough electricity to power 1m British homes.

15 01 2021 | 09:45

Man saved from deportation after pollution plea in French legal 'first'.

Court says man would face ‘worsening of his respiratory pathology due to air pollution’ in country of origin. A Bangladeshi man with asthma has avoided deportation from France after his lawyer…

24 10 2020 | 12:45

French oil major Total expands presence in floating offshore wind market.

Total has bought a 20 per cent stake in the EolMed floating wind pilot project in France, located in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Gruissan and near Port-La-Nouvelle. The 30 MW EolMed will…

24 10 2020 | 11:02

French dairy giant accused of polluting country's famous rivers for years.

Investigation alleges Lactalis breached environmental regulations at several plants and released milk derivatives that killed fish.

19 10 2020 | 08:32

European Top Court Upholds French Ban on Bee-Harming Pesticides.

The European Court of Justice on Oct. 8 found that France did not violate EU rules when it banned certain chemicals considered harmful to bees.   The legal row between the French Crop Protection…

15 09 2020 | 10:28

French PM says jobs and green economy at heart of Covid recovery plan.

Jean Castex unveils €100bn plan aimed at returning France to pre-pandemic economic strength. France’s prime minister has stressed the importance of getting the country back on its feet within 18…

30 06 2020 | 09:00

France's oldest nuclear reactor to finally shut down.

Environmentalists have welcomed news that the 43-year-old Fessenheim reactor will close, nine years after it was first planned. France’s oldest nuclear power plant will shut down on Tuesday after…

27 02 2020 | 07:22

Corruption Perceptions Index 2019.

We just released our latest Corruption Perceptions Index(CPI) and the results for most countries are disappointing…

30 10 2019 | 07:29

France's first floating solar power plant.

France has unveiled its first floating solar power plant. A total of 47,000 photovoltaic solar panels have been floated on the surface of a lake in Vaucluse in southern France. The project is the…

10 09 2019 | 07:24

France looks to wind for island energy autonomy.

After a period of zero growth, wind deployment is beginning to take off again in France's overseas territories, but will need to speed up further to achieve the government's 2030 target. In 2009,…

09 09 2019 | 10:25

Summer heat killed nearly 1,500 in France, officials say.

Record heatwaves in June and July caused the deaths of 1,435 people in France this year, according to the country's health minister. Speaking on French radio, Agnès Buzyn said half of those who died…

15 07 2019 | 08:13

France to impose green tax on plane tickets.

France announced Tuesday (9 July) it would impose new taxes on plane tickets of up to €18 per flight, joining other EU states seeking to limit the environmental impact of air travel. The government…

10 07 2019 | 08:44

Paris clamps down on older diesel cars.

Record-breaking temperatures recorded in France last week may have fizzled but the cars that were banned from Paris during the heatwave will remain off the road under new measures to banish smog.…

19 06 2019 | 09:32

Dunkirk auction result boosts the case for ambitious offshore wind volumes in France.

Bids to build a 600 MW offshore wind farm off the coast of Dunkirk came in at a winning price of “below” €50/MWh the French Government announced today. The winning bid came from a consortium led by…

15 06 2019 | 09:58

France dumps 11,200 tonnes of plastic in the Mediterranean every year.

600,000 tonnes of plastic are being dumped by 22 countries in the Mediterranean Sea every year, EURACTIV’s partner La Tribune reports. If humanity continues dumping plastics into nature at the…