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24 09 2021 | 15:37

New report shows urgent need for agroecology revolution to cut emissions and boost productivity

Ahead of the UN Food Systems Summit starting today (September 23), Christian Aid have published a report highlighting t

25 08 2021 | 12:53

We throw away a third of the food we grow – here’s what to do about waste

The COVID pandemic has shown the fragility of our global food supply chains, with many supermarkets and restaurants in almost every country having experienced food shortages. Millions of people in…

20 04 2021 | 14:05

Op-ed: 5 billion bananas get thrown away each year — how reducing food waste can help solve the climate crisis

Sometime over the last month, you probably threw away a banana. Maybe it got too ripe. Or maybe your child didn’t like the one he was eating with the spotty, brown skin. You probably didn’t think…

07 04 2021 | 10:50

Nature-Based Solutions Can Save the Planet, but Only if We Change Our Diets

Natural ecosystems, such as forests, grasslands and oceans, do a pretty good job of storing carbon and supporting biodiversity.

07 04 2021 | 09:04

Millions sign up to anti-food-waste apps to share their unused produce.

With the average UK family throwing out £730 of surplus items a year, eco-conscious consumers have found a hi-tech fix. There is such a thing as a free lunch, it turns out, as long as you don’t mind…

03 04 2021 | 07:05

Italy to set the stage for UN Food Systems Summit with three-day event that will deliver bold new ambitions.

Wednesday 17 March, ROME - The United Nations and the Government of Italy announced today that the Pre-Summit gathering for the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit will be in Rome, Italy from July 19 to July…

15 03 2021 | 10:56

Total Amount of Global Food Waste Remains Unclear, New UN Report Reveals

According to a global food waste index released on Thursday, some 931 million tons of food waste were generated across the world in 2019. The report, published by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP…

12 03 2021 | 10:36

People wasting almost 1bn tonnes of food a year, UN report reveals.

Food discarded in homes is 74kg per person each year, with problem affecting rich and poor countries. People waste almost a billion tonnes of food a year, a UN report has revealed. It is the most…

07 03 2021 | 07:03

Pandemic May Have Left Over 250 Million People With Acute Food Shortages in 2020.

Beyond the questions surrounding the availability, effectiveness and safety of a vaccine, the COVID-19 pandemic has led us to question where our food is coming from and whether we will have enough.

03 03 2021 | 10:20

Greenpeace Africa: January - February Newsletter | Here we go

2020 was a year of disruption, awakening, and change, with many things forced onto us that were outside of our control. There was no hiding from the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts, the Black Lives…

03 03 2021 | 09:40

7 Unexpected Things You Can Compost.

Composting is the best way to get rid of your kitchen scraps without sending them to the landfill. And if you’ve been composting for a while, you may have already started experimenting with …

01 03 2021 | 13:40

Revealed: UK’s largest supermarkets throw away enough food for 190 million meals each year

Supermarkets are throwing away the equivalent of 190 million meals a year that could be given to the hungry, The Independent reveals today. The latest data shows that Britain’s top 10 chains are…

27 01 2021 | 09:58

How Climate Change Will Impact the Way We Eat.

Will climate change seal the end of the Mediterranean diet? We often read about how climate change will impact the way we live as if it was something yet to come, a threat still far away from us.…

11 01 2021 | 12:15

Mediterranean Diet Is Rated Best Fourth Year in a Row.

Did you resolve to eat healthier this year but are unsure where to start? Luckily, U.S. News and World Report assembled a panel of experts to rank 39 common diets and name the best one for 2021. The…

03 01 2021 | 09:04

Faulty food systems laid bare by COVID-19, climate crises.

From wildfires in California and locust attacks in Ethiopia to job losses caused by pandemic lockdowns in Italy and Myanmar, climate change and COVID-19 disrupted food production and tipped millions…

27 12 2020 | 07:56

Global food industry on course to drive rapid habitat loss – research.

World faces huge wildlife losses by 2050 unless what and how food is produced changes. The global food system is on course to drive rapid and widespread ecological damage with almost 90% of land…

13 12 2020 | 06:21

Lab-grown chicken tastes like chicken – but the feeling when eating it is more complicated.

“Clean”, “cultured”, “no-kill” – these are just a few of the monikers that have been applied to San Francisco-based food start up Just Inc’s lab-grown chicken nuggets. The product has just been…

28 11 2020 | 08:19

Ghanaians devastated by illegal fishing try hand at citizen sleuthing.

Crucial fish stocks could disappear within five years without urgent action, so desperate fishers are using a new smartphone app to log alleged crimes. Illegal and destructive practices by…

19 11 2020 | 09:40

The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2020.

We are facing a global fight to address one of the biggest challenges of our time. Five years after committing to eradicate hunger we are not on track to reach our goals by 2030. Chronic hunger is…

16 11 2020 | 08:03

Global food production emissions 'would put Paris agreement out of reach'.

Study calls for more focus on farming and food waste, behind a third of greenhouse gas production. Our diets and agricultural production around the world are so carbon-intensive that emissions from…