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01 09 2022 | 09:06

Weather tracker: flash floods as Europe’s heatwave ends with thunderstorms

Prolonged heat across parts of northern and western Europe ended with torrential showers and thunderstorms this week. On Wednesday, parts of southern England received 50-65mm of rainfall within a…

22 08 2022 | 07:44

Climate change in Cameroon and it’s consequences

In a recent report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) showed the difference between 1.5°C and 2°C of global warming. But unless we reduce emissions rapidly, the world is likely to…

11 08 2022 | 15:14

Kentucky floods: Death toll rises to 37, hundreds still missing

At least 37 people have now died in flash floods in eastern Kentucky, as the region braces for more rainfall. At least six children - including four siblings, aged one to eight, who were reportedly…

11 08 2022 | 14:59

At least 24 people dead as flash flooding hits eastern Uganda

At least 24 people have died and more than 5,600 people have been displaced by flash flooding in eastern Uganda. Two rivers burst their banks after heavy rainfall swept through the city of Mbale…

07 08 2022 | 08:44

CHAD: The municipality of N’Djamena equips 19 associations for sanitation

As floods affect several neighbourhoods in N'Djamena, Chad, the municipal authorities of the capital are providing 19 environmental associations with equipment to improve sanitation services. As…

28 07 2022 | 19:20

Climate change drowning West African coastline

Scattered scraggy palm trees blow in the sea breeze, and stone ruins rise from the sand, the last remnants of a village besieged by the sea. The coastal village of Fuveme, in Ghana's Volta region,…

19 07 2022 | 12:02

How Kenya is flooding in a drought – video

For more than 10 years, Kenya’s great lakes have been flooding, displacing hundreds of thousands of people as rising water levels leave towns and villages almost completely submerged. Flooding is…

12 07 2022 | 07:48

Bangladesh is paying a high price for developed world’s carbon emissions

This is a moving and disturbing story (‘Every year it gets worse’: on the frontline of the climate crisis in Bangladesh, 5 July) – a wake-up call to all of us about the direct environmental and…

12 07 2022 | 07:22

‘Every year it gets worse’: on the frontline of the climate crisis in Bangladesh

Ever since she was a little girl, Amina Ahmed has been afraid of the water. Growing up in Sylhet, north-east of Bangladesh, the heavy rainfall that typically occurs during monsoon season would make…

05 07 2022 | 06:54

Climate change is driving 2022 extreme heat and flooding

LONDON, June 28 (Reuters) – Extreme weather events – from scorching heatwaves to unusually heavy downpours – have caused widespread upheaval across the globe this year, with thousands of people…

22 06 2022 | 11:20

At least 25 dead and millions stranded as floods devastate India and Bangladesh

At least 25 people died as floods cut a swatch across north-eastern India and Bangladesh, leaving millions of homes underwater, authorities said on Saturday. In India’s Assam state, at least nine…

08 06 2022 | 07:10

Slow water: can we tame urban floods by going with the flow?

After epic floods in India, South Africa, Germany, 

02 06 2022 | 10:22

At least 91 dead in Brazil floods and landslides with many more missing

The death toll from floods in north-eastern Brazil could rise to more than 100 after authorities in Pernambuco state confirmed 91 deaths with many more people missing. Hundreds of state and federal…

10 05 2022 | 07:40

South African police disperse crowd calling for aid after flooding

Police in South Africa have used stun grenades to disperse a crowd calling for more and better official aid for victims of the lethal floods earlier this week.

21 04 2022 | 07:30

How climate change is complicating Zimbabwe’s fight against malaria

A narrow, dirty footpath snakes along the edges of a small dam before breaking into a high density suburb in Zimbabwe’s eastern border city of Mutare. Until recently, passersby have been traversing…