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13 05 2022 | 11:51

AFRICA: FAO proposes three forestry solutions to overcome multiple crises

In the 2022 edition of "The State of the World's Forests", the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) defines three forestry solutions and their itineraries, to get the world…

10 05 2022 | 08:02

Brazil's indigenous communities fear mining threat over war in Ukraine

Maurício Ye'kwana worries about the future. He comes from the community of Auaris, in northern Brazil, close to the border with Venezuela. The area, part of the Yanomami Indigenous Territory, is…

10 05 2022 | 07:18

‘Lawless logging’ in DRC raises concerns over $500m forests deal signed by Boris Johnson

Environmental groups have raised concerns about a $500m (£380m) forest protection deal signed by Boris Johnson at Cop26, after a damning report into the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s “lawless”…

23 11 2021 | 15:21

Numbers don’t lie: Amazon deforestation increased despite Brazil’s greenwashing attempt at COP26

No amount of greenwashing by the Brazilian government can obscure the truth: The Amazon is being destroyed at a historic rate. The country’s PRODES monitoring system shows there was a 21.97%…

19 11 2021 | 14:25

Brazil: Amazon sees worst deforestation levels in 15 years

Deforestation in Brazil's Amazon rainforest has hit its highest level in over 15 years, official data shows. A report by Brazil's space research agency (Inpe) found that deforestation increased by…

18 11 2021 | 16:24

EU aims to curb deforestation with beef and coffee import ban

Raft of commodities would be prohibited under draft law in fight to protect world’s endangered forests. Beef, palm oil, cocoa and other products linked to deforestation will be banned from entering…

11 11 2021 | 08:54

Hot air: Scepticism over Indonesia’s COP26 deforestation pledges

Campaigners say time for action, noting Southeast Asian nation has failed to meet previous promises on forests. Medan, Indonesia – As the COP26 climate change conference continues into its second…

11 11 2021 | 08:48

COP26: Indonesia criticises 'unfair' deal to end deforestation

Indonesia has criticised the terms of a global deal to end deforestation by 2030, signalling that the country may not abide by it. Environment Minister Siti Nurbaya Bakar said the authorities could…

08 11 2021 | 13:40

Deforestation: Which countries are still cutting down trees?

World leaders at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow have pledged to end and reverse deforestation by 2030. There have been other attempts to protect forests, but has any progress been made? How…

08 11 2021 | 12:23

Diamonds v trees: The community trying to save its forest

Developing nations often say they are unfairly targeted by wealthy countries to curb economic growth to protect the planet. This debate is playing out in India where a forest which is home to…

01 10 2021 | 12:18

Dead Forests Are Dangerous for the Planet — Here’s Why

Worldwide, dead and decaying wood releases roughly 10.9 gigatons of carbon every year. This is roughly 115% of annual fossil fuel emissions, a new study shows. The research, published in Nature, is…

24 09 2021 | 15:16

Russia forest fire damage worst since records began, says Greenpeace

Analysis shows over 18.16m hectares were destroyed in 2021, an absolute record since satellite monitoring began. Russia has endured its worst forest fire season in the country’s modern history,…

25 08 2021 | 12:29

Deforestation in Brazilian Amazon hits highest annual level in a decade

Rainforest lost 10,476 sq km between August 2020 and July 2021, report says, despite increasing global concern Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon has hit the highest annual level in a decade, a …

03 08 2021 | 10:53

Brazil’s Atlantic Forest will change more in the next 50 years than at any time since the last ice age

Brazil’s Atlantic Forest is one of the most biologically diverse places on Earth. Roughly one in every 50 species of plant and vertebrate land animal lives there and nowhere else.

15 07 2021 | 09:35

Even if Bolsonaro leaves power, deforestation in Brazil will be hard to stop

Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon made global headlines in 2019, thanks to massive wildfires and the election of anti-environmentalist president Jair Bolsonaro. Brazilians took to the streets …

25 06 2021 | 10:50

How palm oil became the world’s most hated, most used fat source.

Palm oil is everywhere today: in food, soap, lipstick, even newspaper ink. It’s been called the world’s most hated crop because of its association with deforestation in Southeast Asia.

25 06 2021 | 10:43

Study Warns of Severe Drying in Amazon Rainforest.

Researchers at the University of Leeds in Britain published new research Tuesday — World Rainforest Day — showing that massive swaths of the eastern Amazon are at risk of severe drying by the end of…

25 06 2021 | 10:33

BP Gas Project Threatens Unique African Biodiversity Hotspot.

A BP fossil-fuel project could threaten a unique biodiversity hotspot and worsen the climate crisis, a new investigation from Unearthed and 

24 06 2021 | 11:07

Gabon is first African country paid to protect its rainforest.

Gabon has become the first African country to receive payment for reducing carbon emissions by protecting its rainforest. The UN-backed Central African Forest Initiative (Cafi) has handed over $17m…

22 06 2021 | 08:47

Where mining meets rainforest: the battle for Tasmania’s Tarkine.

Campaigners say plans for a new tailings dam threatens wilderness that should be declared a heritage area. Four days before the Morrison government was due to decide the future of a mining…